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continuing drama

BBC’s Academy of Crime…

…Drama, that is. Hot off the press from Broadcast and as rumoured by various blogging attendants of various Q&As and courses at the moment:————————————————The BBC is extending its successful drama academy to serials, with a special focus on crime drama. Each year it will take on eight writers with experience on long-running dramas and develop their skills in more prestigious short-running series over a two-week course. Together, they will develop at least one new crime drama and graduates could work on Waking the Dead or Silent Witness. “It is a step up in that sense,” said Ceri Meryck, development producer,… Read More »BBC’s Academy of Crime…

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Q&A: Marc Pye, "Act Of Grace" Movie

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt recognise the name Marc Pye from this, this and this post. As he’s a prolific Bang2writer, I’ve read lots of Marc’s work now and as a veteran of UK TV drama, Marc has written on numerous shows like River City, The Street, Holby Blue and Echo Beach. In fact, he’s so busy all the time (damn him), it’s wonder Marc has time for anything but writing TV… But he manages it somehow and I’m pleased to announce that Marc, along with co-writers Max Kinnings and Alan Field, have managed to get their… Read More »Q&A: Marc Pye, "Act Of Grace" Movie

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10 on TV Drama: ITV’s New Drama

UPDATE: Friend of the blog Marc Pye wrote tonight’s episode I’ve just this minute found out, so watch it my friends!!!!!!! English Dave makes the very good point that ITV *might* just be the new BBC: the likes of Echo Beach etc marks a new era for the channel under the leadership of “Micky Grade” as ED likes to call him and I for one am well up for it. Man. Whilst many writers and would-be writers might say they “wouldn’t lower themselves” to write for the likes of Echo Beach, Moving Wallpaper, The Royal Today et al, the fact… Read More »10 on TV Drama: ITV’s New Drama

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10 On TV Drama: Soap, Flourescent TV

I love Soap Opera – oops, sorry: I mean “continuing drama”, foolish of me. Soap Opera is naturally a poor title, since it implies this kind of drama is melodramatic and somewhat, well, soapy which connotes the notion (to me at least) that whilst it might *seem* ordinary on the outside, if ingested it causes an unpleasant taste in the mouth and potential stomach upsets. Okay, that is not working at all. Let’s try again. I like Soap Opera because of this: That’s right, the scraps. Or fights, fisticuffs, rucks, rowdiness or whatever else you’d care to call them. A… Read More »10 On TV Drama: Soap, Flourescent TV

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