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Goodie Bags

Blogging is a great advertising tool, but I decided to start my new tax year with a “push forward” on the script reading front now I’m retiring from teaching for good (Yay!). So, if like me, you salivate at stationary (I know the lovely Mark Greig certainly does), then I am offering the FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO EMAIL ME the chance to win a Bang2write Goodie Bag! In it are Bang2write post-it notes (oooooh), a magnet (aaaah), acknowledgement postcards (wooooh), stickers and even a discount voucher for script reading (eeeee)! So, first three then, email me with your snail mail… Read More »Goodie Bags

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Round Up

Right, two things in one since I have several beers with my name on. And a couple of eggs left over from Easter (I know! Where HAS this sudden self control come from?! They will be devoured tonight, don’t you worry my little chickadees). BSSC short went off in the post, but pretty sure it hasn’t a hope in hell. Why? Because I have been deliberately OUT THERE with my premise – think ADAPTATION meets EDTV in ten minutes and you’re probably there. In retrospect, perhaps I should have written the more standard fare of some bird recalling a traumatic… Read More »Round Up

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