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5 Reasons Why Theatre Is A Writer’s Best Friend

If you’re feeling frustrated about rejections or getting a “way in” to the industry, then today’s short but VERY sweet post from Carla offers some GREAT food for thought on getting a foot in the door via writing for theatre … Also, make sure you check out the new playwriting award from Theatre503. Enjoy! Theatre is a great way to get your work out there and there are some fantastic opportunities for emerging writers. Over the past two years I have been developing a play with Theatre503, a new writing theatre in south London and found the experience invaluable. Here… Read More »5 Reasons Why Theatre Is A Writer’s Best Friend

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5 Reasons Why Compromising Can Lead To Creativity As A Writer

In February 2012 at The Guerilla Filmmakers’ Masterclass, Chris Jones encouraged people to stand up and make a commitment to make something and despite having no intention of doing so when I arrived, that’s how the journey, of my feature film of ‘The Journey’ began. Now yes, I am a writer/director, the story behind this film is quite a complex one and I learned a great deal from it. In any creative role, you should always admit that you never stop learning. Once you embrace this as an ideology, creativity will always work with you, not against you. From the… Read More »5 Reasons Why Compromising Can Lead To Creativity As A Writer

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7 Ways To Name Your Characters

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”  Names. They’re important. They’re not important. It depends. For me, names are important. I spent a long time choosing my children’s. I had various reasons for this and the names I chose (and I did choose them all; my Husband had power of veto, but we came to the agreement I carried the babies, so I named them. And no, don’t feel sorry for him – he suggested this!). Ultimately, I wanted a name for each of the children with a meaning… Read More »7 Ways To Name Your Characters

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7 Steps To Organise A Script Reading

Many thanks to Nidhi Gupta, who tells us of her experience and tips in organising a reading of your script today. I’m particularly interested in hearing from Bang2writers who can offer practical tips for writing craft and/or career advancement at the moment. 1) Why do you want a script reading? This is an important question. There are no exact answers, but if you know why you want to, then you can get more from the experience. My reading was done when I could no longer see what did and did not work in the script. In addition, no matter how… Read More »7 Steps To Organise A Script Reading

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Want To Get Noticed? Then Don’t Write These Type Of Screenplays

Updated Previously titled, ‘Want To Get Noticed? Don’t Write Low Budget Depressing Drama or High Budget Science Fiction/Fantasy Spec Scripts‘, this post will outline why trying to get out of the submissions pile with a low budget drama or a high budget sci fi TV pilot like a gazilion other writers (probably) ain’t gonna work for you. Strap yourself in and suck it up, peeps … Cliches + Stereotypes = BORING When I started script reading, everyone was writing very “worthy”, very personal psychological dramas where generally everybody died or was at least miserable as Hell and in the grip of addiction,… Read More »Want To Get Noticed? Then Don’t Write These Type Of Screenplays

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Sales Agents: Just The Way It Is

Lots of Bang2writers believe the biggest *thing* to aim for is an option on their spec script. It’s not: not only does your piece have to survive the development process with the optioning producer/company (for the script you option will NOT be the one that is filmed), the finished film then needs to be sold by Sales Agents to various territories – Europe and USA being the two biggies. Once these projects are sold this then means stuff like the film getting a theatrical release, DVD, etc, what is commonly termed as “distribution”. Distribution is not automatic, just because the… Read More »Sales Agents: Just The Way It Is

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