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More Lies To Tell Your Children

As regular readers know, I just adore telling big fat fibs – and if I can tell them to my children (or any child, for that matter!), then all the better. So when an opportunity for a porkie pie presented itself yesterday, I couldn’t resist. Natch… Stopping in a shopping centre yesterday, the Girl started badgering me for 50p to put in one of those machines which dispenses plastic eggs with a plastic present inside. I normally say no, as I don’t often have change or even carry cash (except when I go to the pub, arf) but yesterday I… Read More »More Lies To Tell Your Children

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So I’ve drafted and redrafted the application questions for my Writers’ Academy application. I’ve drafted, had readers’ reports, cogitated, polished and re-polished my writing sample. I’ve gone through everything with a fine toothcomb. In theory, it’s *got* to be ready to send out. In theory. I just know, as soon as I click the return button, the FEAR will strike. Have I done enough? Is the sample good enough? Have I picked the right one?? Is it emotional enough?? Can it be better? Have I missed something obvious? Are there typos or grammar errors? Can they smell my desperation emanating… Read More »The FEAR

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Happy Easter

It’s pretty quiet here script-reading wise as it is every April (with it being the end of the tax year), so I’ve been taking the opportunity to spend some time with the kids as it’s the Easter holiday. I’ve also been doing my Writers’ Academy application: I’ve written a script especially for it this year and am taking my time, right up to the deadline – usually I write the application and send off a sample from my portfolio in the first week, but that hasn’t exactly held me in good stead in previous years, since I haven’t progressed to… Read More »Happy Easter

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Brain Exploding. BRB.

I think the PDF may just be the saviour of forests worldwide: I swear on all my cats’ and children’s lives, if the backlog of scripts I have were made of paper instead of megabytes (or whatever computer files are made of), I think I would have to resort to actually creating a NEW house made entirely of scripts, for there would be no way in hell I could get to anything useful or interesting in my real house. I always find January quite busy because of people’s new year resolutions to get writing finished and sent off to various… Read More »Brain Exploding. BRB.

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