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4 Nights In August Comp

4 Nights In August Script Challenge – SHORTLIST ANNOUNCED!

There has been major deliberation going on here at LSF Towers – not to mention some screaming, crying and general fisticuffs as to WHO goes through from the longlist to the coveted shortlist of The 4 Nights In August  Screenplay Challenge. As with the creation of the longlist, yet MORE hard decisions had to be made.  However due to the quality of the entries we were not able to whittle it down to  the final 5 as expected, so instead we have a final 12! Without further ado then and in alphabetical order ONLY: BIRTHDAY by Michelle Golder BURNING BOOKS… Read More »4 Nights In August Script Challenge – SHORTLIST ANNOUNCED!

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… Want to see what the inside of a contest script pile looks like? Then check out the insider info I posted on The London Screenwriters Festival blog yesterday. From format and feasibility, to character and story, there’s some quality overall info on the entries as a whole – so if you’re wondering why your entry didn’t make it through or just want to see what a job it is for readers sorting scripts and why, then go over there now! Check it out here.

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Coping With Rejection

Since I rejected 170+ people yesterday for The 4 Nights in August competition, I thought those non-longlisted entrants would like to know whether rejectors ever feel guilt. Yes, this one does. I’ve rejected A LOT of people over the years. I joke sometimes that’s why I never get very far in contests myself: it’s scriptwriting karma, if you will. Way I figure it, if you write “Pass” enough times on coverage and add up enough low scores or percentages, it’s bound to bite you in the ass in an industry that does, in part, rely on luck. And I’m very… Read More »Coping With Rejection

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#scriptchat 4 Nights In August: Longlisted Entries Announced!

So we had a whopping 241 entries for the London Screenwriters Festival Four Nights In August Competition! To say we were surprised is an understatement. Traditionally, script calls with very specific and difficult briefs like ours usually attract a small amount of entries and our readers initially predicted 50 – 60 entries, yet we received well in excess of this with a WEEK to go before the deadline. Amazing! As ever, we’ll give you a look inside the spec pile, but first we will announce the top placing entries and their writers. All of the scripts below made it through… Read More »#scriptchat 4 Nights In August: Longlisted Entries Announced!

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