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B2W One-Off Script Reports: Order Yours Here

How To Book & Pay For Your B2W Script Report

  • Please complete the payment and booking form below, pressing ‘add to cart’
  • Send your script as a PDF (only) to

That’s it! Easy as pie (mmmm, pie).

If you would like to see a sample B2W script report, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about this service, please see the FAQs below. Looking forward to reading for you.

Booking Form

Please note: B2W is offering script reports this September (2023) — if there is no booking form visible, this means Lucy is NOT doing script reports at the moment. Please check back for future dates.

Please send ONLY TV pilots & Features, 40-100 pages!

Do you have any specifics you want Lucy to comment on?

B2W Script Reports FAQs

Find out the answers to my frequently asked questions about B2W script reports below. If you have any questions not covered by the FAQs, feel free to email me at

1) What is a script report?

A script report assesses your screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of its story and chances in the marketplace. It will give feedback on what is working in your script, plus what needs further development. You can download a sample B2W script report, HERE.

Please note: B2W script reports are written feedback ONLY (no additional Zoom session). As you will also see from the sample report, these B2W script reports are different to feedback you may have received from me before. I recommend taking a look at the sample report before buying.

2) Who are these script reports FOR?

If you have a full screenplay drafted between 30 and 100 pages, this script report offer is for you. It could be a highly polished draft, or it might be a just-finished rough draft (or somewhere in-between). It might be a TV pilot, a sitcom or feature.

Please do NOT send me the following: novels, novel excerpts, short stories, short films, outlines, treatments, one pagers or pitch decks. Many thanks.

3) Why are the reports all the same price, regardless of page count?

Simple, really – though feature-length scripts are longer in terms of page count, I find they frequently require fewer notes than TV pilots in their reports. This means that whilst TV pilots take less time to read, I find the report writing element tends to take longer. In other words, they tend to match up re: timing for me!

4) Why get a script report?

Script reports can provide useful insights into craft, such as genre, structure, characterisation, dialogue, storyworld, concept and much more. They can also flag up opportunities and threats to the story’s success. This might include (but is not limited to) identifying who the audience might be for the story; where a writer could send the script; or why the story is ‘too close’ to previously produced works.

5) Can I ask B2W to comment on areas of sensitivity in my writing?

Yes – I am happy to comment on specifics that may be concerning you in the ‘miscellaneous’ section of your script report. I can give feedback on the following: gender and feminism; mental illness; LGBTQ; poverty and living in a rural area; being a teenage parent; childhood trauma and domestic abuse; additional toxic tropes and impact on marginalised identities. Simply add these sensitivity concerns to the payment booking form, or mention it in your email when you send your screenplay.

6) I just want a ‘blind read’ as a dry run before sending to agents and producers. Is that okay?

Absolutely. If you just want me to give you my view of your story with ZERO information other than what’s directly on the page, that’s absolutely fine.

7) Are there any topics, subjects or genres B2W will not read?

B2W specialises in drama, comedy, thriller and horror across all mediums. There are not many topics I won’t read, but please do NOT send me stories involving rape or sexual abuse, especially of children. Many thanks.

8) Why should I choose Bang2write for my script report?

I’ve been providing paid-for feedback to writers for twenty years now. With my extensive experience in the industry and knowledge of how it works, I can offer a deep understanding of storytelling, character development, structure, and market trends to my script reports. What’s more, I WON’T be vitriolic or unpleasant – I hate it when feedback-givers are not tactful in their reports.  My feedback will be honest, insightful, and constructive, designed to help make your script shine.

9) What is the process of ordering a script report from B2W?

To order a script report from Bang2write, all you need to do is follow the instructions provided above the FAQs on this page. You will usually be asked to submit your script electronically and make the required payment. Once the process is complete, I will review your script thoroughly and provide you with a comprehensive report within the agreed timeframe.

10) Why aren’t one-off script reports available all year round from B2W?

Simple, really — I’m mega busy! I haven’t offered one-off script reports since 2018 because I have been writing my own stuff and working 1:1 with writers with their own projects and careers.

To see what packages are available for 1:1 – all year round! – CLICK HERE.

11) My draft is not finished yet. Can I book and pay now and send my screenplay later?

Yes, you can book and pay now and use your script read ‘credit’ within six months. If you plan to do this, please send an email to In the email, let me know a rough idea of when you plan to send your script and I will note it down in my diary. If you don’t believe you will be able to use your script read credit with six months, please do not book. Many thanks.

12) How long does it take to receive my script report from B2W?

The turnaround time for a script report varies depending on my current workload and the length of your script. Generally, you can expect to receive your report within 2-4 weeks after placing your order. However, when you book and pay I can give you a more specific idea of when you will receive your report.

13) Can I submit a script that is still in the early stages of development for a script report?

Absolutely! I understand that scripts go through different stages of development, and I am more than willing to provide feedback on scripts in any phase.

14) Is my script report confidential?

Yes, the script reports provided by  Bang2write are strictly confidential. Your work will be treated with utmost respect and privacy. Please note however that B2W does NOT sign NDAs (‘ non-disclosure agreements’) from individual writers. To find out why, CLICK HERE.

15) Can I contact B2W for further clarification after receiving my script report?

Yes, of course! You can reach out to me for further clarification after receiving your script report. I am dedicated to helping writers, so am always happy to answer follow-up questions about my script reports.

How Else You Can Work With B2W …

Bang2write has packages, resources and help to suit EVERY budget — including free stuff for your novel our screenplay!

I remember what it was like, starting out with NO money, no childcare, no contacts … This is why I have created a suite of products and services to help Bangers who have a zero budget.

Similarly, I understand many writers have limited time via added challenges like demanding day jobs; neurodiversity, disability, mental health issues or caring commitments; or they simply prefer to study by themselves.

This is why I have created the on-demand, low-priced Teachable courses. These range from one-off trainings through to detailed courses on writing craft or careers — plus you get lifetime access!

Lastly, for those Bangers who want to level up in their writing craft and careers, B2W’s got you covered with my personalised 1:1 packages to help you. With these, it’s MY job to help facilitate you in your goals. So if you’re an author looking to get published, or a screenwriter who wants to get produced, drop me an email today!

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