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B2W on Podcasts – Listen Now For Writing Tips, Plus Discussion on Books, Movies & TV!

B2W on Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage in the 2020s … So if you’d rather listen to your writing tips than read them, you’re in luck! Check out this page for links to podcasts where Lucy V from B2W has appeared. She’s talking screenwriting, novel writing, movies, books and TV.

Got a podcast? Invite Lucy on yours! Go to the contact page, or send a message via instagram HERE.

1) The Bulletproof Screenplay podcast

This episode was titled ‘Writing Screenplays That Actually Sell’. If you’re stuck on WHY your spec scripts aren’t going anywhere, this one is for you!

Lucy V was interviewed by Alex Ferrari from Indie Film Hustle. CLICK HERE or on the pic on the right to listen now.

2) Using Screenwriting Techniques in Novels

Lucy V was interviewed at 2024’s Bournemouth Writing Festival on The Dale Hurst Writing show.

In this short, bitesize episode, Lucy details why screenwriting is the hardest medium to master – plus all about her favourite novelists and what we can can use from screenwriting in our own novels. CLICK HERE to listen or on the pic on the left.

3) Revisiting ALIEN (1979) with The Script Department

ALIEN is a stone-cold classic, but what exactly makes it iconic?

What is still appealing about it? What’s dated? Lucy V got stuck in with The Script Department. This episode is a must for fans of the movie, or even those who just don’t know what all the fuss is about!

CLICK HERE to listen or on the pic.

4) Author Blueprint with Joanna Penn

If you’re a novelist who wants to know more about how adaptation for the screen works, or why film rights are so important – be sure to check this podcast out.

Or even if you’re a screenwriter wanting to option a book, this one is for you too!

CLICK HERE to listen or on the pic.

5) Writing Drama Screenplays with The Successful Screenwriter

In this podcast with The Successful Screenwriter’s Geoffrey Calhoun, Lucy discusses the unique aspects of drama screenplays. She also talks about tips and techniques for creating engaging drama scripts, as well as advice on how to market and sell drama screenplays effectively.

CLICK HERE to listen, or on the pic.

6) The Good Mother on Mark & The Tiger Tales

Lucy V tells a tall tale on this podcast about storytelling and its impacts.

Join her and host Mark to talk about how storytelling works … and why this particular story is deeply personal to her. CLICK HERE or on the pic to listen.

(NOTE: trigger warning for violence and domestic abuse).

7) Book Off! – Lizzie Fry Vs Anna North

This book podcast pits two authors against each other as they talk about their favourite book … Why they like it, plus why everyone should read it.

Listen to Lucy (as Lizzie Fry) talk about her favourite book, plus how she wrote her own bestselling novel The Coven. She is joined by  Anna North, author of the feminist Western novel, Outlawed. CLICK HERE to listen.

8) The Folklore Podcast with Mark Norman

Join Lucy talking to folklorist Mark Norman about writing her novel, The Coven (as Lizzie Fry). Lucy details her inspiration and research, plus what’s next for her thrillers.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to write fantasy, this one is for you!

CLICK HERE to listen, or click on the pic.

9) Course Builders TV with Ian Brodie

In this interview, Lucy details how she took B2W’s workshops online during Covid … and how she’s continued to build Bang2write’s online offers and support for writers in the Zoom age.

This is a must for anyone who wants to sell their own services and other offers online.

CLICK HERE or on the pic.

10) Getting Writing Done with Naomi Beaty

If you’re wondering what it takes to get YOUR writing on the page, you’ve come to the right place!

In this interview, Lucy details her top strategies for getting writing done with Naomi Beaty.

CLICK HERE to listen, plus you can find a blog write-up, HERE.

Happy Listening!

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