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B2W Courses & Workshops

All About B2W Courses & Workshops

If you’re looking for information on B2W courses and workshops, you’re in the right place. I offer a variety of courses and workshops, both online and offline. These cover topics such as writing craft & pitching through to submissions and networking on social media as a writer.

I am also always adding new courses and workshops, so watch this space. Better still join the B2W on Teachable HERE to gain first notification of new courses, as well as offers. Make sure your notifications are turned ON. Alternatively, you can sign up for the B2W newsletter HERE (and get free stuff there as well!)

Scroll down to find information about B2W courses online and in ‘real life’.

B2W on Teachable

B2W launched on Teachable in May 2020 during lockdown 1. To date, over nearly 2000 Bang2writers have signed up for my online courses listed below!

The Foundations of Writing Craft

B2W’s premier offering, this mini-course is permanently FREE to all Bang2writers who sign up.

Designed with both screenwriters and authors in mind, it will help jump-start you on your draft or tackle your rewrite. The course takes in B2W’s ‘Holy Trinity’ of writing craft – concept, characters & structure. This on-demand mini-course will give you the powerful reset you need.

Grab your free gift from Bang2write HERE or by clicking on the pic on the left.

Submissions Secrets

You’ve written a novel or screenplay … now what?? Time to make submissions … but how do you do it and evaluate your progress?? Submissions Secrets provides everything you need to create an effective submissions strategy so you can finally grab that elusive writing deal, literary agent, or screenplay option.

CLICK HERE or on the pic for info.

Logline Hacks

This on-demand course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your own logline or short pitch for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel, avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls. Using tried and tested methods – or ‘logline hacks’ – this course will change how you view loglines and enable you to get to the heart of your story.

CLICK HERE or on the pic for more info.

Online Confidential

Online Confidential is a course designed by a writer, for writers. It is a step-by-step guide to utilise the online space to your best advantage. Say goodbye to online tumbleweeds and ensure your online spaces don’t misrepresent you OR your talent.

CLICK HERE or on the pic for more info.

Other Courses & Talks

Check back here to discover other courses & workshops with B2W. Lucy also makes various appearances at writing festivals, both for B2W and as an author.

Breaking Into Script Reading

Breaking Into Script Reading is B2w’s flagship course, run in conjunction with London Screenwriters Festival. It next runs on February 26-26th 2023. 

Taking place annually, its now in its EIGHTH year! Originally held at historic Ealing studios, it’s now found its home on Zoom. This makes it more accessible to international Bangers, as well as those B2Wers who may struggle to make it to London.

CHECK OUT THE DETAILS HERE or click on the pic.

Write Your First Novel And Get It Published


Want to write a novel? Here’s some GREAT news: if you are already a screenwriter, your ability to pivot your skillset into writing a novel will set you way ahead of the competition. Since ‘screenwriting is structure’ this can be a HUGE advantage when it comes to writing novels. We tend to be plotters with greater awareness of important issues such as genre, pace and structure. So why not go for it, with an established novelist like Lucy V Hay to shed light on how to do it!

CLICK HERE or on the pic on the right to book your ticket.

KICKING ARCS: Mastering Story Archetypes With Compelling Characters Modern Audiences Love


Journey into the world of archetypal story structures that are NOT the Hero’s Journey so you can unleash your BEST ideas. You will have heard of the Hero’s Journey – it is EVERYWHERE. In fact, so many stories follow this plotting archetype that many writers believe it’s the only one! But it’s not … there’s many, many more storytellers can utilise to ensure their writing feels fresh, authentic and relatable for audiences. BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE or click the pic on the left.

Screenwriting Workshops at Exeter Phoenix

Throughout the year I teach two one day screenwriting workshops at Exeter Phoenix, the city’s vibrant creative hub. I’m also part of the steering group for its short film fund initiative. If you fancy a trip to Exeter, do join us!

Beginners Scriptwriting. This course is for writers who want to learn more about scriptwriting. I will take you through all the things expected of screenplays and how to ensure your concept is ‘bombproof’. Bring your ideas! CLICK HERE for more details.

Advanced Scriptwriting. This course is for ‘veteran newbies’ and beyond. You know the basics and have probably written a few screenplays already. You may have been involved in the industry in other capacities too. During this intensive, interactive one day course we will put your writing craft under the microscope. Bring your treatments & pages! CLICK HERE for more details.

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