About B2W and Lucy V Hay

About Bang2write

Run by Lucy V Hay, Bang2write is a writing and networking tips blog for screenwriters, novelists and freelance writers.

Bang2write focuses on genre, submissions, characterisations, social media and the general mistakes writers make. We aim to ensure writers have the tools to make informed decisions about their work and how they present it and themselves to the industry.

Renowned for its sweary ‘smack talk’, Bang2write was picked as 1 of the top 100 websites for writers by The Write Life in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. It has also been a finalist in the UK Blog Awards. It is in Feedspot’s top 10 screenwriting blogs, number 1 in the UK!

Bang2write also exists on most platforms beyond the main site. Join us!

Courses and Talks

In addition to blogging, script editing, script reading and writing books, Lucy has hit the road doing talks and courses at festivals, schools, libraries, universities and more!

Alternatively, get in touch HERE to hire Lucy for your event or organisation.

Who is Lucy V Hay?

Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy, as well as her writing workshops and courses.

Bang2write has read 20K+ spec screenplays, unpublished novels and pitch material over the last 17 years as a script reader and script editor.

Based on this exprience, the B2W books include Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays for “Creative Essentials”, as well as its follow ups, Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays  and Writing Diverse Characters For Fiction, TV & Film.

Publishing as LV Hay,  Do No Harm, was nominated in 2 categories for The Dead Good Book Readers Awards, 2019. Her latest is Never Have I Ever for Hodder Books. Her debut, The Other Twin, has been featured in The Sun and Sunday Express Newspapers, plus Heatworld and Closer Magazine. Lucy is currently adapting it Emmy-nominated producers Free@Last TV, too.


Below is a selection of produced projects I’ve been involved in and/or read for various schemes, companies, organisations and/or individual producers, writers & directors.


Join us - we're all in this together!

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19 thoughts on “About B2W and Lucy V Hay”

  1. anne-marie caluwaert

    ANd she worked for me and she is truly GREaT – I’m good in spelling mistakes — bad English still she didn’t give up on me — so I can only say if you need real help – this is the place to turn too —

    1. Hi there Rich, by all means contact me via email whenever you want on Bang2write@aol.com and I’ll answer your message as soon as I can. The links above re: my rate card is a PDF and hosted by Dropbox, which anyone can download from (you don’t need to have it yourself). Hope that helps, LV

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  5. Sandy Corkins-Schmidt

    Cool site, and neat advice. Just signed up for your monthly roundup. Thanks for offering :>) Is great to see a young female voice speaking her truth!

  6. Thanks for this Lucy, it’s exactly what I need. I’ve written two comedy pilots and three screenplays and I need to know how to get them out there. Thanks to you I know what next steps to take without making obvious mistakes. Thanks again.

  7. As a new /old writer (64) this is a great resource for me.I have one of my scripts in BlueCat at the moment and am writing a horror from my home town of Bristol which has an all female cast. quite challenging for a bloke but based on a true story that involved my mum so easier to relate to. so difficult to find good information for older writers like me and am very grateful for this site.

  8. Lucy
    Would love to know more about you and what you do. I’m a indie author of three books (mystery/thrillers) looking for an agent or movie producer. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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