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Master Your Mindset As A Writer With 6 Powerful Japanese Productivity Techniques

Mindset Is Everything

I’ve written many times on this site that a writer’s mindset is everything. Being a writer is difficult, whether that means:

This means you have to cultivate a writer’s mindset that helps with this varied list of duties!

So I was super-interested in this infographic Custom Writing sent me recently. I hadn’t heard of most of the names here, though I realised I was familiar with some of the concepts and methods in cultivating my own writer’s mindset.

I think these tips will help you with YOUR writer’s mindset too … Enjoy!

1) Uncover the art of continuous self-improvement with Kaizen

As B2W says: small and steady wins the race! Very often Bang2writers tell me they ‘don’t have time’ to learn new things … but even just learning for five minutes a day all adds up!

2) Explore life’s purpose through Ikigai

I hadn’t realised that B2W was an example of Ikaigai, because I feel writing is my life’s purpose. I don’t always like it – or even enjoy it! – but I feel a compulsion to do it. I also feel a compulsion to share my thoughts on writing and help others with their own projects and careers.

3) Immerse yourself in the philosophy of 5S for organised efficiency

The 5 ‘S’ here are sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain. This seems like a great list for writers to help with our writing and careers!

4) Shoshin reminds us being a beginner is no bad thing, but an opportunity to learn

Sometimes Bang2writers tell me they ‘can’t’ do certain things, because they’ve only just started. But a beginner’s mindset is no bad thing. Embracing it and learning more can be fun, plus our efforts may bring new POVs. Also, it’s worth remembering that NO writer is an ‘expert’ 100%. Writing is not only open to interpretation, but constantly in flux.

5) Master your finances with the disciplined approach of Kakeibo

Writing can be badly paid, which means financial struggles often form part of being a writer. Kakeibo looks like a useful method of keeping track of expenditure and ensuring we can achieve our goals.

6) Embrace the allure of imperfection with Wabi Sabi

This method speaks to me most of the six I think. Since almost dying several times in my late twenties and early thirties, I’ve been struck by the impermanence of life. At first I was scared, but now I find the impermanence of life strangely reassuring. I came to terms with my own mortality by using a journal, but also writing my fears into my novels. Giving names to our fears and putting them out in the world can frequently help in my experience. Perhaps it will help you too.

The Infographic

The infographic below unveils the philosophies behind these techniques and offers practical tips to weave them into your daily life seamlessly. Choose the approach that aligns with your goals and aspirations, discovering your path to a more meaningful and productive life with this comprehensive guide. Enjoy — and pass it on!

Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org

Good Luck!

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