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How To Go Viral On TikTok: Promoting Your Writing Without Lip Syncing or Dancing

How To Go Viral on TikTok

If you’re thinking about TikTok to promote yourself or your writing, you’re already on the ball. More people watch TikTok for news than the BBC or the New York Times! Some creators have gone from just starting out, to ‘Top 10 Viewed’ in just a year.

But how do you go from zero to viral, trending and/or most viewed on TikTok?

  • Start with understanding the algorithm. Think EIC = Engagement, Interest, and Creation. So many people are afraid of words like data and algorithm and think you need to be an expert to get your head around it. I’m here to tell you, you don’t!
  • Length is important (oo er). TikTok recommends videos to more users as long as your content is watched from start to finish. This gives it credibility and TikTok will make sure your video shows up in more feeds. Tips incoming below.
  • All about engagement. Engagement is the usual like, comment, subscribe and recommend. If you get the content right these things will happen naturally, so don’t try too hard.
  • Use hashtags! I cannot emphasise enough: USE HASHTAGS. If you’re not sure which ones to use, then search yourself for similar content to yours. The best ones that pop up in your feed will be using the right hashtags. If you use these, then anyone interested in the same topic will be interested in watching you too.

Now you understand the basic ways TikTok puts content in front of users. Let’s make your content pop … Ready? Let’s go!

Hina’s TikTok Treats!

1) Keep an Eye on Trending Content

Check out what people are loving right now in your genre … Perhaps it’s horror, or science fiction, or romance? Then start putting yourself into streams by participating in TikTok Challenges. There’s a current one trending of a politician – if she can go viral, you can too.

2) Use Trending Music

This is a trick often forgotten by the novice. If you use trending music, you can end up in streams you never would have appeared in any other way! This is because all the TikTok videos that use the same track appear in one big list, just one click away.

What’s more, you DON’T have to dance, just use the song or sound. A song or sound that’s loved and enjoyed can ensure your TikTok is viewed all the way through. Some users may do this repeatedly as they leave it on to hear the tune … and you’re hitting your Engagement of your EIC. Result!

3) Keep it Short and Engaging

You already know this because you’re a writer reading B2W … So you KNOW your content can’t be dull! It has to get to the point quick. It also has to be engaging and fun. (A little tip, here: use tasteful humour! This is because implied humour outside an inner circle is likely to get you backlash. Then unfortunately the TikTok algorithm will throw you to the dark side on views).

If the video is not fun, it has to be absorbing to keep them watching. All the best film is. A catchy headline, good hashtags and a great soundtrack will only get you so far.

Remember, the attention span of most people on social media is just 24 seconds.  Make them laugh, teach them something they don’t know, introduce a dilemma. You need make the user FEEL something! MORE: Top 5 Ways To Build Your Writer Platform

4) Your Audience is King — or Queen!!

Remember, if you understand your audience, you’ll know …

  • what they want
  • what they like
  • what they’re thinking and
  • what you should do next to thrive on TikTok!

The best way to do this is to always, always, always interact with your audience. Don’t put content out there and take days to respond to comments. The world of social media is a very demanding one. People expect instant communication and responses to their comments on your videos.

A reminder: some people will adore you, but others will vilify you and rip your content to pieces. Remember that is nothing to do with you. It’s easy to say shit from behind a screen to a total stranger.

If this happens, here’s a piece of advice borrowed from Michelle Obama: you should always go high!

This is your work out there, your reputation, don’t let some grumpy troll online take it from you.

5) Monitor Your Competition!

Always see what your competitors are up to! Picasso said good artists copy, great artists steal … I’m not advocating ripping anyone off, obviously. Just see what’s going on, then  add your own twist to it!

Good Luck with your own TikTok adventures!

BIO: Hina Pandya is a professional, driven media strategist with a background in journalism. She is interested in all things digital.

In another life, she worked in the model shop at Industrial Light and Magic. The creative element has never left her and is sprinkled into all areas of her portfolio career, be it screenwriting or political articles. She is available for commission. SUBSCRIBE TO HINA’S SUBSTACK.

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