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5 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your Writing Career

All About Podcasting

Podcasting is big business with the latest data showing over 460 million podcast listeners globally and growing.    I could give you fifty reasons why podcasting is a good idea, but I wasn’t allowed, so here’s five.

1) Podcasting Helps Build & Grow Your Audience

It’s the most obvious one; it’s finding and expanding your audience.  They are out there.  This is especially good if you think you write for a niche group or your demographic is outside the coveted 18-34 age group. Using a podcast service like Buzzsprout will mean you can reach people worldwide on multiple platforms.  There are very few mediums that can do that.

2) It Can Help You Develop Your Writer’s Voice

Not your actual voice.  No one is saying you must be on the podcast yourself, although you may want to consider it.  Podcasting is not only a good way of letting the audience hear your personality and writing voice but connect with you in a personal way.  Not sure what your voice is yet?  This is a perfect way to develop it.

3) Budget Limitations

Have you got a script with a budget of approximately $40 billion (yes, hyperbole)?  Guess what:  your podcast script may not even cost $40!  There are so many free sound effects and music on Creative Comms licences.  If you’ve got a few quid to spare, pay a composer.

Can’t pay actors? Then find a local drama group who want to showcase their skills too.  Remember, editing is king, well after story.  You can do it!

4) Writer Development

You will develop as a writer.  I mean this even if your podcast is not fictional.  If it’s factual, you will need some sort of script; if it’s an interview, you will need notes/research.  Not just your actual writing skills, too but the other stuff you need.

Writing to deadline, keeping it tight, thinking about the opportunities/limitations of your script … that’s the special sauce! Plus of course having the courage to get out there and do it.  Editing is another form of storytelling.

5) Collaboration and Monetisation

Okay, I am cheating here, that’s technically six, but six ways is not as catchy as five, and I may have lost your attention.  COME BACK!  Simply put, collaboration means that you can meet other writers and creators to work with not only your podcasts but theirs too.  It expands your audience.

Okay, monetisation: the chances of you making serious money from podcasting is slim, but it has happened.  Platforms are now making it easier for you to collect money.  Also, you can link places like Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee to your podcast for listeners.

Last Points

To finish, I will tell you that if you haven’t found your audience yet, start podcasting NOW.   If you can learn the writing craft, you can definitely learn simple podcasting skills.  It’s inexpensive, you don’t have to leave your bedroom if you don’t want, and you might love it.

What’s more, it’s not going away anytime soon. Large platforms like YouTube and X (Twitter) have realised that and added this as an option.  It doesn’t have to be fiction either.  Nerd out, you can podcast about your love of tap dancing shoes from 1945 to 1950 if you want.  People will find you and your writing.

Good Luck! 

BIO: Jacquie J Sarah is a writer and podcaster.  Her current fictional podcast, Excuse the Jess is out now on all good platforms.  She works under Deliciously Bright Productions and is happy to talk about podcasts to anyone who will listen.

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