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It’s My Publication Day, So Here’s A Free Gift For You

Happy Publication Day To … Me! (Again)

So it’s publication day and my second book launch in a month … Yup, this is a first, even for me!!!

I wrote so much in lockdown that I created a bit of a bottleneck of projects going all the way to January 2024! Oops (sorrynotsorry).

Anyway, this time around it’s publication day for B2W’s non-fiction book, WRITING & SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS: FROM TV PILOT TO FEATURE FILM.

That’s right, the book includes TV this time around!

The first edition came out in 2013 and it’s fair to say a HELLUVA lot has changed in the last decade (especially the last 5-6 years). Not only in terms of how the industry works either, but audience preferences and writing craft too!

I’ve given the entire text a face-lift and updated it for the 2020s (for example, I talked about ‘LoveFilm’ in the last edition, remember them??), plus I have also added …

  • 100 extra pages
  • A focus on TV thrillers across multiple subgenres & as mixed-genre pieces
  • How Netflix and streamers changed everything
  • New case studies (including Marvel and serial storytelling)
  • A focus on the mystery & crime subgenre
  • How to make contained scenes like police interrogations work
  • Updated info on film finance and crowdfunding
  • Why & how star power (aka ‘bankable talent’) has changed in the 2020s
  • Why transmedia, story universes, gamification & social media can HELP spec screenwriters
  • A complete breakdown of how thriller set pieces work
  • More on Horror versus Thriller

In other words, even if you’ve read the book before there’s plenty of new stuff, including how things have changed to keep you up-to-date. There’s a lot more BANG for your buck! (Couldn’t resist, arf).

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH to those of you who pre-ordered the book, I reallyreallyreally appreciate it and thank you so much for your kind wishes. You rock!

If you haven’t had chance yet, you can grab the book HERE.

Publication Day Freebie For You

Of course, no B2W launch would be without freebies, so here is B2W’s Ultimate Thriller Checklist as a free gift for you. Simply click on the pic below to download it, either from this post or from the PDF gallery in the B2W Resources Page.

Please feel free to circulate it amongst your writer friends and followers. No Bang2writer left behind!!!

Good luck writing – and selling – your thrillers!

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