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5 Reminders If You Want To Write This Holiday Season

Want to write this holiday season?

If you want to write this holiday season, you’re not alone. Lots of writers dream of time off to write their screenplays or novels — and the festive period can offer writers time to get writing done.

However, not everyone will be able – or even want – to write over the holidays … and that’s okay too!

In this short video (under 15 mins) I break down 5 reminders for writers this Christmas. They will hopefully help you either get writing done … or help you let yourself off the hook!!

Enjoy and see you in the new year!

5 Reminders For Writers Over the Festive Period

Here’s some added information to my reminders in the video …

1) Your best writing is done by THINKING

Thinking is a seriously underrated aspect of writing. Many of us believe that if we’re not sitting at our computer, we are ‘wasting’ our time. This is not true. Writers NEED time to think. Check out this 1 Simple Tip To Get More Writing Done.

2) Live a real life, not ‘reel life’

Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct) opined that writers need ‘real life’ NOT ‘reel life’. In other words, we need rich lives of our own, rather than taking everything we know from fiction. So get out there and do your thing … ‘it’s all material’ as they say!!

3) Utilise notes to self  / to do lists

If we have broken the chains of our desks and computers, we can write anywhere … but you may forget what you’ve been thinking about, as life CAN get in the way. That’s why notes to self, to do lists, diaries, journals etc can be really handy.

4) Research counts: books & TV

During the festive period, families often want to watch movies or TV together. If you end up watching something that bores you, why not download the screenplay to read as you watch the film … Has anything been cut or changed? Why do you think this is?

Or maybe you want to think about various books or shows’ concepts, characters, plots. What can you learn, even from stories you don’t like? Is that movie, TV show or book SUCCESSFUL at what it does? How do you know? Here’s 8 Steps To Analyse A Successful Story.

5) You deserve time off

If the thought of writing over the holiday season makes you want to start crying, listen to your psyche. Don’t do it!

Do not feel guilty. 2022 has been a hard year, in a slew of very hard years. Reset and recharge … writing is not going anywhere.

Enjoy the holiday season and see you in the new year, Bang2writers!

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