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8 Spot-on Ideas To Make Your Book Cover More Eye-Catching

Your Book Cover

Wanting to make every effort to make your book stand out from the undeniably huge crowd is something everyone wants for greater success. Choosing a book cover that is unquestionably eye-catching is one of the best ways to do this.

Fortunately, you can use a few strategies to create a cover image that stands out from the crowd. And to help you out in the process of creating the magic, we outlined eight ideas that make your book cover eye-catching.

Read the article to find out more as we gathered everything from accents to typography to everything you can do to make your book cover one of a kind!

Knowing The Essentials of Book Cover Design

While there are many other design techniques you can employ to create an engaging book cover, there are certain elements your book cover must have in order to be successful.

Here are two things to keep in mind for book covers while you develop your early concepts for the book.

The Cover Must Express The Meaning Of The Story

Your book’s cover should primarily convey meaning. A book’s cover may be stunning, but if it gives the reader no indication of the genre or subject matter, they won’t be interested in the text itself.

Even the slightest indication of the kind of story or material hidden inside should offer readers a sense of what they should expect from your book. You should try to convey the message in terms of both style and content.

Whether it is about children’s book writing or books for adults, the message should be presented properly on the book cover.

Size Of The Book Cover And Its Content

For many years, books were bought off the shelf. However, a significant portion of book sales now occurs online, which book cover designers or writers must consider.

The designs must work effectively when the image is shown on a phone or a computer because, inevitably, covers are examined on smaller screens.

That doesn’t mean a cover can’t have beautiful details. Even though those tiny details are challenging to see on a smaller screen, the design must look appealing to readers even when seen on a small screen.

Hence, design your cover keeping in mind the proper proportions of the book cover.

8 Ideas that Make Your Book Cover Eye-Catching

Now that we have seen what aspects we should keep in mind when making a book cover, let’s look at the eight ideas that make your book cover eye-catching.

1) Add Accent Of Color That Suits The Genre

Accent colours highlight specific elements of your choice. They can also create focal points in compositions. Using red as an accent colour in a black-and-white photograph can make the colour flare stand out. This is perfect for horror or suspense genres.

Red is a strong colour. We can feel the zeal of this vibrant hue rising across the page. Consider the connotations of various hues and how using one of them as an accent in your design might help tell your story.

2) Use Contrast To Draw The Reader’s Attention

Contrasting patterns draw our attention to whatever is being highlighted by the light.

Contrast works such as black against white and dark against light are often seen on the covers of many books, and even if they don’t depict the story, it raises eyebrows and intrigues people to buy the book so they can know the story.

3) Bring In The Edgy Typography

Typography is a striking design element that may be just as artistic and powerful as powerful pictures.

You can experiment with letter curves and shapes. Create fascinating negative space or use a particular typeface to convey emotions. By altering the type, colour, shape, size, or positioning of a typeface, you can draw attention to the topic of your book.

4) Use Your Compositional Creativity

Give yourself the chance to play around with composition design, which means using your imagination when deciding where to put things on the page.

There is no one right method to create a book cover, so try different approaches to make the design as distinctive as the material.

Making an effective stylistic decision doesn’t require much. The objective is to produce something distinctive that promotes your book.

5) Use The Book’s Cover To Convey The Tone Of The Text

One approach to getting a reader inside your story is through the book cover.

A reader can see a modest hint of the overall vision of the story by looking through a keyhole. In this case, the design communicates with the book within a very specific topic.

Consider how you might carefully choose your design and pictures. It should help potential readers sense the mood only from the cover itself. For example, if the book is about computers, use computer binary codes to convey the tone.

6) Go For Handwritten Texts

Books are occasionally written in the first person, as a diary may be. By incorporating handwriting on the cover, you can give the reader a sneak peek into this close relationship with the narrator.

For instance, if your novel is a period piece, you might use lovely, flowing calligraphy. If your tale is more of a thriller, you might use slightly manic scribbles.

7) Incorporate Striking Imagery

Photography is a fantastic tool. It can ensure a book cover will grab readers’ attention and stimulate their curiosity. You can use the entire cover to display great photographs or drawings for a fantastic cover regarding imagery.

8) Add Emphasis With Visuals

Lastly, you can use the imagery in a more straightforward manner. An image doesn’t need to fill the entire cover.

It can be an excellent addition to the design aesthetic. Even if the paper has exciting graphics, it only encourages us to absorb the book’s title as the main focus.

You can look into different ways to combine text and visuals to make an attractive cover for your book.


Your book cover is important, whether it’s a new release or a new edition of an old one. And we hope the outline we gave in the article above about eight ideas that make your book cover eye-catching will inspire you to create a great book cover.

Good Luck!

BIO: Gary Ekhert is obsessed with dogs, tech, and FPS games. Coffee addict, and during his spare time he binge-watches old shows on Netflix or enjoys a good book. A true believer of the saying “words have the power to change the world” and lives life embracing the present.

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