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3 Steps To Writing, Editing & Submitting Your Novel

Writing, Editing AND Submitting (Or Self-Publishing!) Your Novel 

B2W is best known for its screenwriting advice, but being a novelist and author myself, I also love to write and read about the art of novel writing, too.

So, with lots of you Bang2writers out there resolving to write a novel then, here’s my top tips on getting yours written, edited AND out there! Enjoy …

1) Writing Your Novel

DYK? Writing a novel is HARD! Le duh. The good news is, there’s a plethora of help online to get us through the process.

Here’s some popular B2W articles with the many things we writers have to deal with when diving into our drafts …

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2) Editing Your Novel

Gone are the days in which authors and novelists could send out first drafts. Nowadays, competition is higher than ever, with harsher standards to be met.

If writers want their work to attract agents’, publishers’ or even readers’ critical eyes, then editing our work is a MUST … Luckily, there’s lots of advice out there on the web about this, too and B2W is no exception.

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3) Self-Publishing & Submitting Your Novel

Once upon a time, writers had only one real way “in” to publishing … via an agent and a so-called “traditional” deal.

But this has changed in recent years. Authors now have gained more choices on their routes to publishing, thanks to new technology like the Kindle, plus platforms like blogs, Twitter and Facebook to find their audiences. The “indie author”, just like the indie filmmaker, has arrived!

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Social media has also opened up what was previously quite a closed shop. Now writers can follow and converse with literary agents and publishers online, meaning there is again HARSH expectations of “proper” submissions practices … But again, subs guidelines are easy to follow, so really there’s no excuse not to do it properly!

Here’s the most-hit articles on B2W about novel and agent submissions …

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Good luck!

Check out my latest novel as Lizzie Fry …

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When something terrible happens to Cat after-hours, she finds herself in a unique position and writes an article that goes super-viral. With the eyes of her employers and the world on her, Cat gains a taste for the spotlight.

Cat soon realises how she can profit from her new-found success … and will resort to murder to stay one step ahead.

There’s one problem … Cat is joined by Erin Goodman, a veteran journalist who starts to notice Cat seems suspiciously close to various tragic events, she decides to track down the truth … and discovers it’s far worse than Erin could have imagined.

But Cat knows Erin is onto her. And Cat is more than happy to toy with her colleague, especially if it gets her an even bigger story to report on.

In the game of cat and mouse, there can be only one winner.

How far would you go for the thing you want most?

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