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5 Ways for Writers to Find Their Ideal Audience

All About Audience

You’re a writer who needs an audience. You’ve conquered the dreaded writer’s block. You have content that you believe in. You want to share it with the world.

So, what’s next?

Well, it’s not just as simple as pressing PUBLISH or SEND and hoping for the best I’m afraid! Check out our compiled list of ways you can use to gain an audience for your writing. Ready? Here we go, friends!

1) Identify your ideal audience

Spend some time considering popular culture, current events, genre-specific trends, and where your story lands within various demographics. Try out various stories with others and see which ones resonate. Imagine real people reading or watching your work. While demographics are important, the story of how a person finds you and begins to read your work is important to consider. MORE: ‘Keep one special audience member in mind’ – John Steinbeck’s Top 6 Writing Rules

2) Put your readers and/or viewers first

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only writing what you love. Unfortunately, if you’re the only one who loves it, you’re left without an audience.

Once you know your audience (or at least have an inkling about it!), you should write with that reader in mind. What would make them happy? What would make them stick around? Find their reason for reading or watching and you’ll find your reason for writing.

3) Focus your social media efforts

If you’re freelancing, you’re likely on a tight budget. It’s okay to not have all of the different bins of social media perfected and tight to start. Instead, choose social media efforts to the spaces where your audience is “hanging out”. Create authentic engagement in those social spaces, it’s important to continue to develop your relationship with your audience. MORE: Top 10 Killer Self Publishing Errors Writers Make

4) Create a posting schedule

Using a site like to plan social media efforts and posting schedules will make for a more robust engagement strategy with your audience. When you aren’t focused on general postings, you can direct your attention to direct messaging and replying to your audience. If you create a posting schedule, it takes the burden from your shoulders and frees you to engage in meaningful ways with your audience.

5) Connect with other writers

Find a place that feels safe and supportive for your writing life. We love the community being built at – writers are in groups, they retweet each other on Twitter, and they find ways to support one another in sharing their work. Other writers also make great beta-readers to continue to hone your understanding of your target audience. Without a support system, it’s easy to miss opportunities to grow and learn, which in turn encourages a stronger grip on your target audience.

Good Luck!

BIO: Katie Wilson is the co-founder of, a self-publishing site that’s paying writers for their work. She is dedicated to supporting creative writers and leads an award-winning high school literary magazine during her day job as an English teacher.

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