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5 Tips From Authors Shortlisted In The 2021 Kindle Storyteller Awards

The 2021 Kindle Storyteller Award

The shortlisted for the 2021 Kindle Storyteller Awards this year has been released. The award, now in its fifth year, celebrates newly-published independent books by authors across any genre.

The Kindle Storyteller Awards is a £20,000 literary prize recognising outstanding writing. It is open to writers publishing in English in any genre, who publish their work through Kindle Direct Publishing. Readers play a significant role in selecting the winner, helped by a panel of judges including various book industry experts.

The 2021 Kindle Storyteller Awards shortlist is made up of …

  1. Escape to Hummingbird Hotel by Daisy James
  2. Stranger at the Villa by Mary Kingswood
  3. An Isolated Incident by JD Kirk
  4. The Corfe Castle Murders by Rachel McLean
  5. A Thousand Li: The Second Sect by Tao Wong

I know you Bang2writers love competitions as well as writing tips … This got me thinking about HOW you can land a shortlisted spot in future Kindle Storyteller Awards?

With this in mind, I asked the organisers of the award to round up the shortlisted authors’ top tips for you all.

Ready? Then let’s go …

Daisy James

KEY TAKEAWAY: Perseverance is Key

“My first tip would be to read and read and read, as much as you can, in all sorts of different genres. When it comes to putting pen to paper, don’t put any pressure on yourself that it has to be a masterpiece, just enjoy the process. For me at the beginning, I was so proud of my first book that I finished. It’s such an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you do get to the end, so perseverance is key.” MORE: Top 10 Quotes To Keep Going As A Writer

JD Kirk

KEY TAKEAWAY: Stress is the Killer of Creativity

“Have fun with it, just sit there and see what happens. Don’t stress about it, stress is the killer of creativity. The first book should be the most fun book you ever write. There’s no pressure on you, there’s no deadlines. Just try and write a book that you would like to read and write that. Don’t think about who is going to read it or what the cover is going to look like, just have as much fun as possible writing.”

Rachel McLean

KEY TAKEAWAY: Understand the Why

“It’s important to understand why you want to write a book. The answer to that will change the approach you take. If you want to make a living as a writer, you need to understand the market, research what readers enjoy and read widely in your genre so that you’re familiar with what other people are writing. If you’re writing because you’ve got a book in you that you really want to write, then the beauty of self-publishing is that you can write whatever you want, publish it and make it available even for just family or friends.” MORE: Top 5 Dystopias You Need To Read Right Now by Rachel McLean

Mary Kingswood

KEY TAKEAWAY: Write Everyday

“Write the words every day if you can, and to get it done before everything else. If you say “oh I’ll do this first and do the writing later” or you wait for the right moment, you’ll never get it done. So if you really want to get your words on paper, then you just need to sit down and write them and do it first thing. I know a lot of authors who actually get up early to write their words for the day – I always try and get my words down in the morning.”

Tao Wong

KEY TAKEAWAY: Write for Fun 

“Write what you want to write because you’re going to need that enthusiasm and momentum to get you to the end. That is the most important thing, to finish the book. Don’t worry about anything else until you are finished, just write until you are done.” MORE: How To Become A Better Writer In 10 Days 

You can find out more about the Kindle Storyteller Awards HERE. Make sure you mark it in your calendar for next year, Bangers.

Good Luck To The Kindle Storyteller Awards Shortlisted Authors!

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