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How Not to Be Afraid of Criticism As A Writer

Criticism And Writers

Criticism can scare writers. Every human has an inherent fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. Yet, this is exactly what every person needs to do in order to grow.

This why you need to overcome your fear of criticism and start taking risks as a writer. Here’s my top tips on dealing with criticism. Let’s go!

1)   Acknowledge Impactful Work is Bound to Attract Admiration *and* Criticism

Understanding that criticism is recognition for your work enables you to control how you handle feedback. You will no longer beat yourself up when people comment negatively about the strides you’re making.

It’s actually proof that the work you’re doing is impactful!

You’re better off being judged than being ignored. Haters can actually motivate you to push the limits. All you need to do is focus on the change you’re making and the admiration you’re getting for the greatness you’re achieving.

2)   Shift Your Focus from the Hate

Flip your mindset … As already established, where there are haters, there are admirers as well. Focus on inspiring the people who see the good you’re trying to achieve and ignore the naysayers.

In today’s era of the internet, it can be quite tempting to go down the rabbit hole of all the negative comments ever written about your work. Resist this urge! Focus your energy instead on connecting with like-minded individuals who can fuel you down the right path.

3) Understand Why Haters Do This

People are predisposed to hate what they don’t understand. Understand that their perception about what you’re doing has nothing to do with who you are. When you finally accept that people’s criticism of your actions does not define who you are, you’re free to evolve into your truest self.

While this might seem like a simple thing to understand, your fear of criticism will not just evaporate because you understand how the human brain works. You’ve been conditioned for years to play safe, so your brain’s reconditioning will take a while. This is okay! You’re not a robot that can simply be reprogrammed overnight.

You may still find yourself dwelling on the negative feedback you get from people even if you know it’s got nothing to do with you. But keep going! Exploring new ideas takes courage!

Wrapping Up

Every individual doing great work is bound to receive criticism because not everyone can understand what you’re trying to achieve. So, instead of focusing on the negativity, shift your focus to the community of people who support your efforts. MORE: 5 Ways To Crush Self Doubt Like A Boss

Good Luck!

BIO: Timothy Miller is a proficient writer who has been working with for three years now. Aside from helping college students with their homework, he also explores ways in which people can improve themselves. His extensive research on the subject makes him a sought-after contributor to self-help newspapers and magazines.

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