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10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

Need Help With Misspelling?

Misspelling words come with the territory when you’re a writer … Hell, I discovered when writing this headline *I* have been misspelling this word as ‘mispell’!! FML.

There are lots of common words writers misspell frequently, too. The infographic below lists some of the most common misspelled words with some amusing explanations to keep them in mind.

Whilst B2W believes that grammar, spelling and punctuation purists can go F themselves, it’s still wise to work out which words give us consistent trouble. This way, we can find strategies to ensure they don’t trip us up in our submissions.

Top 10 Misspelled Words

As a script reader, I can tell you the words on the infographic are HUGE offenders … So if you can hunt them down in your own writing, you will be streets ahead.

  • Lose / Loose
  • Weird
  • Their / They’re / There
  • Your / You’re
  • It’s / Its
  • Definitely
  • Effect / Affect
  • Whether / Weather
  • Then / Than
  • A lot

Though not on the infographic, I would also add three more …

  • Lightening / Lightning – the first refers to making something lighter in colour, the other to the weather phenomenon!
  • Cleaver / Clever – the first is a noun and refers to the big square knife thing butchers use; the second is an adjective to describe someone with a big intellect.
  • Drawer / Draw – the first may be found in a CHEST of drawers; the second is a verb (doing word) when you use crayons or pencils.

So watch out for these pesky little blighters too! Check out the infographic after the jump.

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10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

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