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Want to Become A Successful Writer? Follow These 6 Tips

How To Become A Successful Writer

A lot of people think it is easy to become a successful writer. Simply type out your story on your laptop, get it published or produced, then you’ve ‘made it’ … right??

Nope, not even close! There’s a lot that goes into becoming a successful writer. Here are some tips that might help you on your journey, whether you want to be a screenwriter or author (or both!). Ready? Let’s go …

1)    Keep Writing

Try to write every day, even if it is only for a little bit of time. Here’s some suggestions …

You’ll never get published if you stop writing so try and make it a regular habit in your life.

2)    Take Workshops

Many places offer writer workshops that aim to develop specific writing skills in their students. These workshops are very often taught by known authors who have already paid their dues in the writing business. It is of great importance to enroll in as many of these as possible. There is nothing as advantageous as learning from those who have already achieved what you hope to.

3)    Take Advantage of Technology

These days, you don’t have to wait on a large publishing house to accept your submissions. You can self-publish and sell e-books on various platforms that are much more conducive to independent-minded writing than the traditional methods.

4)    Practice Different Genres

Practice writing in different genres. As a writer, you do not want to box yourself into one specific category. By learning to write in different genres, you, therefore, learn how to write stories in different ways. You may also find a niche that you are particularly talented at that you previously had not considered. When it comes to writing, it definitely pays to take chances and get out of your comfort zone.

5)    Accept Certain Things About Yourself

Becoming a successful author also means that you need to accept things as they are. Know that as a writer, you will always be a work in progress. You’ll continue to improve as well as continue to change. Accept the fact that you will not always be inspired by your own personal muse, but you will have to write anyway. Not everything you write will be perfect, or even necessarily good. You’ll experience rejection, a lot. Perseverance and learning from failure, however, are important tools that a writer possesses. MORE: 4 things Writers Should Stop Expecting (And 1 Thing You Can Do About It)

6)    Invest in Yourself

The ability and desire to write is often in one’s blood, it’s something they ‘must’ do. You could say it is more of a need, rather than a want. Undoubtedly, just like all other careers, it takes patience and practice to refine your literary skills. Though there are some ways you can ‘invest in yourself’ and aide in the process of becoming a writer, or perhaps a better writer.

For many who aspire to become a successful writer, considering a college education is a good route. Many local universities and community colleges (the more affordable option) offer short and effective workshops for people of all skill levels and experience. Whether it’s a degree, or just one course, there’s a multitude of options for paying.

One of those ways is to get a student loan from a private lender. By getting a private loan versus a government-backed loan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of easier repayment negotiation and developing a relationship with a lender that you can use for other purposes in life as well. Then there are  scholarships available as well, and probably more than you think. is a free online resource that collects and curates available scholarships.

Lastly, investing in yourself doesn’t always mean money, it could also mean your time. If you google ‘free online workshops’, you will find a near endless of classes and resources at your fingertips. While they cost very little, or nothing at all (like the B2W free online course, Foundations of Writing Craft) they do require a commitment of your time and effort to unlock the full value and potential of what they offer.

Good Luck!

BIO: Drew is a financial enthusiast, seasoned blogger, music and sports fanatic. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter fishing and boating. He is dedicated to his 15+ year career in the banking, mortgage, and personal finance industry.

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