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6 Ways To Make Your Writing Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Stand Out

You need to stand out from the crowd – clichéd, but true.  Decision makers are bombarded with scripts, ideas and formats.  And they’re often out of depth when it comes to choosing which ones to select.

Believe it or not, they want your script to be the best thing they’ve ever read. They want to wake up at 3am thinking about how it could change their share of global audiences and win them copious industry awards.

So how exactly do you make your writing stand out? How do you make it easier for them to appreciate the opportunity that’s just landed in their inbox?

1) Spelling and spacing

Basic but vitally important, these people like formats, they like order.  Don’t let them ignore your script because it upsets their love of spacing. MORE: The B2W Screenplay Format One Stop Shop 

2) Don’t aim for the big boss

Choose your recipient carefully.  Share your script with someone on the team who is climbing through the ranks.  Do your research and find out if your script is the kind of project they’re drawn to.

3) Anniversary time

Are there any dates over the next few years that chime with your script?  Maybe 2025 is the 50th Anniversary of a legendary sighting of BigFoot and your script is all about a small girl obsessed with monsters.  If it’s possible, tie your story to upcoming events, it helps to give decision makers an angle.

4) Be brief, but friendly 

Keep your intro simple and clear.  Avoid being needy “I’d love feedback etc”  of course, we’d all love feedback but decision makers don’t have time. Let them concentrate on your writing and don’t try to guilt trip them into telling you exactly what they liked (or didn’t) about your work. MORE: 5 Excruciating Ways Of Being Annoying When You Want Help

5) Topical theme 

Is it relevant? Studio execs are on the hunt for the next big thing.  Does your idea offer the decision maker a new perspective on the latest fad in popular culture? If so, then you’ve answered their eternal question ‘give me the same but different’.’

6) Make it easy for them

Present your ideas with clarity in a format that is easily understand.  Assemble your presentation using SMASH, a new platform for content creators. It provides you with digital tools to help you format a clear, straightforward presentation for your project.  You can access, for FREE, the Getty Image Library and create your own mood board. Remember this is a visual medium, and your mood board is a useful tool to help you stand out from the crowd.

And finally, good luck! We need innovative ideas like yours … Keep at it, please.


SMASH is the digital platform that turns new film makers and storytelling talent into market savvy content creators and makes it easier for them to connect with decision-makers (commissioners, broadcasters, streamers, financiers).  Our vision is to create an accessible and transparent pitch process that creates diverse stories from all walks of life that resonate and inspire everyone. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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