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11 Awesome Tips To Beat Writer’s Block

B2W’s Quick Tips To Beat Writer’s Block 

Need to beat writer’s block? I feel ya … It can seem like the hydra, ready to rear one of its seven heads when you least expect it! Supersadface.

But what if I told you that you CAN beat writer’s block and it’s easier than you think?? Try these quick tips for size …

1) Try Free Writing

Lots of writers get blocked because they’re trying to be perfect … but perfectionism is a disease! Like the infographic suggests, avoid it by trying free writing. This is when you set a timer and write anything – literally anything – during that time. Even if you can’t think of what to write, write ‘I can’t think what to write’! See where this takes you … You could be surprised! MORE: How Free Writing Can Help You Get Started

2) ‘Draw The Story’

Very often writers get blocked because they only know part of their story … However, they may not want to outline in the traditional sense either. Now what??

Well, here’s what: DRAW the story instead! Use the free B2W plotting worksheet, or check out a visual representation of how your plot works instead. Alternatively, you could use post-it notes, chalk or a whiteboard. Whatever it takes to get your plot beats organised in your head, from A to B to C.

3) Remember WHY You’re Doing This

Sometimes writers get stuck because they’ve forgotten WHY they’re writing their story in the first place. Check back in with yourself … Ask yourself why you are writing this project. Is it because you have a burning message to share? Or because you’ve never seen a character like yours before? Perhaps you have a desire to connect with like-minded people over an issue? Something else??

Whatever your motivation is for writing, rediscover it. MORE: 30 Quotes Writers Need To Know To Get Motivated

Good Luck!

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Beating Writer’s Block: 11 Awesome Tips

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