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15 Top Tips To Becoming A Faster Writer

How To Write Faster

We probably have all thought we need to be faster writers … But how do we manage this?

Imagine you have a deadline coming up (or maybe you already do!).  You have a big problem: you can’t figure out where to start researching; how to structure your novel or screenplay; or how to complete it in time. Eek!

You’re not alone – most writers have faced this. But good news … Becoming a faster writer is possible and will definitely make a difference in your writing life.

Top Tips

‘All’ you need to do is to implement some simple habits to help you spend less time stuck by writer’s block and more time writing productively. Sounds simple, right?

Check out this fantastic infographic with tips from experienced writers and experts. Here, you will find advice on …

  • Dealing with your inner editor
  • Structuring your novel or screenplay
  • Fighting distractions
  • Tracking your progress
  • Taking notes
  • Setting rewards, and even playing the right games!

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Do you have any productivity hacks or tips to share with your fellow B2Wers? Don’t forget to let us know over on the B2W Facebook page.

Check Out The Infographic

It’s time to boost your writing skills. Check out the infographic below, write faster and more productively … Plus don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org

Good luck!


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