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B2W FAQs – Networking & Pitching Edition

Questions on Networking & Pitching

How do I network effectively in real time situations (IRL, social media, Zoom events etc)?

By asking questions! A classic fall-back networking question for your writing peers might be, ‘What are you working on at the moment?’ It’s a great ice-breaker. Here’s 15 more questions to help.

Whatever you do though, avoid THESE terrible networking mistakes!

How do I pitch to industry pros effectively?

Being able to deliver your logline conversationally is an absolute MUST when pitching. Getting into the habit of being able to deliver the nuts and bolts of your story at foundation level will give you confidence and mean you are ALWAYS ready to sell both yourself AND your story. Also, always, ALWAYS avoid a vague logline.

What’s An ‘Elevator Pitch’?

This is a very short pitch – between 2 and 5 minutes (the length of an elevator or lift ride). For the lowdown on the things you should be thinking about in yours, CLICK HERE.

Help! I Am Pitching An Industry Pro. Now what??

Pitchfests – especially online events like #pitmad – are becoming increasingly popular. There’s no specific perfect way to pitch, but there are multiple wrong ways! Here’s what NOT to do, whether you’re pitching that pro virtually or in real life.

Want More Pitching Help?

Hack The Pitching Process …

… with B2W’s Logline Hacks online mini course on loglines!!

‘Logline Hacks’ refers to useful components, templates or formulas to help writers ‘focus’ on what they need in their logline. I have identified and broken down a whopping TWENTY logline hacks in my new online mini course to help writers hack their loglines at every level, with every type and style of story.

Want a taster of what I mean? No problem – grab your Logline Hacks free worksheet NOW by CLICKING HERE or on the pic on the left to grab it!

I’ve distilled everything I know about loglines from working with writers into the Logline Hacks mini course. I have used all of them with multiple Bang2writers over the years, so KNOW they work. If you want to check out the other 19 Logline Hacks I identified, check out the course HERE.

Enjoy your freebie and feel free to pass it on to other writers you think will benefit.

See you online!

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