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Why Things Haven’t Been Working Out For Your Writing

Writing Not Working Out? Join The Club

If things haven’t been working out for you in your attempt to get your novel published or your screenplay produced yet, I completely understand.

You see, things were like this for me as well. Thinking that working on my writing craft was the key to getting both done, I dived right into it. I devoured every resource and freebie I could find to write the BEST novel or screenplay.

Well, my writing craft DID get better. But after a year of spinning my wheels, I was left feeling jaded, demoralised, and I didn’t see how I could ever get my stories published or produced. What was I missing???

I found out … So let me tell you why most people don’t end up getting published or produced.

First up, I am not going to lie to you …

… Yes, breaking in IS really difficult

Fact is, the people who are already in the industry DO prefer to work with people they have worked with before. They know those people: maybe they went to uni together, they know they can deliver what they want. So if you have not worked with anyone yet, getting off the starter blocks can be really hard.

Secondly, people generally prefer to work with writers who have agents

Not because writers with agents are automatically ‘better’, but because someone else is willing to stand up and say you’re good. Big difference! So even if you have got books published or credits on movies or TV shows, if you don’t have an agent, sadly you can be at a disadvantage.

Thirdly, the industry is based on relationships

Whilst ‘anyone’ can go out there and network in theory, it’s harder for some people than others. This might be practical, because you have very little money, other commitments like a family, or because you don’t live in LA or London. Or you might have other things to deal with, like anxiety or mental health problems, or a disability that makes access difficult – either literally because so many venues are not great for wheelchair users, or because you have autism.

It is really not your fault, so do not worry or get bitter. It’s just the way things are: because of these three common enemies, MOST people would have issues trying to get published or produced! You are not alone or ‘bad’ at writing.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is, we can challenge these three difficulties. I have navigated all of these obstacles and know what helps and what doesn’t:

If you want to ‘break in’ as a writer? Then check out these articles and the linkage with them 

Lots of writers believe they ‘can’t’ get read, or that they have to be ‘picked’. Very few realise we BUILD OUR CAREERS ourselves!

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If you want to grab yourself an agent? Great! Good plan … But read these first 

It’s tough to get an agent, but it’s not impossible. Having a submissions strategy and a plan really help with this.

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29 Ways NOT To Submit To An Agent by Blake Friedmann’s dearly departed Carole Blake

How To Get A Literary Agent

If you want to create some relationships and contacts? Great!

One of the best, cheapest and most accessible ways to do this is via social media as long as you do it the RIGHT way! Treat the internet like you would a REAL networking event and you’ll do well. Here’s how …

Top 5 Networking Mistakes Writers Make

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5 Useful Tips For Writers To Leverage Linkedin

Last Points

So if things haven’t been working out for you as a writer, consider the following …

  • Reframe your mindset – you CAN get read and get the attentions of industry pros
  • Submissions strategies are all-important in hooking an agent
  • Relationships count in this industry! Start creating some today

Good Luck!

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