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1 Thing That Will Make All The Difference To Your Writing

Get Productive … But How??

What’s the difference between someone who gets their writing done and someone who doesn’t? Well we all know the drill. We need to …

  • Get organised
  • Set goals
  • Smash targets
  • Evaluate our progress

Easy, right? AS IF!  Everyone knows the ‘secret’ is productivity, but very few agree what this looks like … But everyone agrees there never seems to be enough time. LE SIGH.

Trying to be productive gets tiring after a while. It happens to the best of us. I get it. Things are stressful in our jobs, raising a family, dealing with the post-Covid landscape (and/or even more!).

This means just finishing a draft can feel absolutely impossible, never mind editing it.

But there IS hope.

After all, Bang2writers also know it’s NOT about having ‘enough time’ or even ‘making time’ … It’s about utilising the time we already have!

Well DUH you might say (and you’d be right), so what does this mean on a day to day basis??

The ONE Thing That Makes A Difference

When it comes to utilising available time, I realised there’s ONE small thing that could make a big difference for getting drafts finished AND edited. I think it could make a difference to you, too.

So, what is it?

I hunted down and used up all the ‘dead time’ in my life for writing. 

‘Dead time’ is made up of all those moments that take up and fill our lives, such as …

  • Waiting for people and appointments.
  • Loo breaks.
  • Commuting.
  • Repetitive, pointless behaviour. (Like watching TV programmes you’ve seen already when you can’t be bothered to move your arse and change channels!).

For more on making use of ‘dead time’ to get your stories written and edited, CLICK HERE.

More Help On Getting Productive

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Good Luck

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