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Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Failed

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You had high hopes for your eBook, but it failed to deliver the results you wanted. So, what happened? Why did your eBook fail? Here are a few probable reasons for your eBook not getting the reception it should have, plus what you can do about it …

1)   Poor Promotion = Failed eBook

Your eBook failed because you didn’t promote it the right way. You didn’t generate any leads with your eBook because your promotional campaign fell short of being successful. To promote your eBook, you need to rely on both online and offline marketing tactics. 

You need to begin your promotional activity before its release. You need to share links to its landing page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. On Facebook, create Tabs or add a link to a post that sends users to your eBook’s landing page. 

When promoting your eBook on your website, create blog posts to capture readers’ interest and then send them to your landing page for more information, add a CTA to your blogs to tell readers to download it, use a widget for advertising your eBook, and use a pop-up to prompt readers to download it.

It doesn’t matter how you promote your eBook. You just need to promote it and never stop promoting it. If you want your eBook to do well and sell, promote the life out of it.

2)   Readers Judge a Book by Its Cover

Your readers will judge your eBook by its cover. If your eBook’s cover doesn’t interest them, they’ll not buy it. Since several eBooks are available for free, you need to give your readers a reason to spend their money. Your cover needs to catch their attention.

It needs to convincer readers on why your eBook is worth downloading. Your cover needs to have a high-resolution image relevant to your eBook’s title and content. If the cover design isn’t something you’re well versed in, you can always hire a professional book writing service offering cover design to do it for you.

3)   Readers Have No Clue How Your eBook Will Benefit Them

Failed ebooks have another thing in common … When readers look at your eBook, they don’t understand how your eBook can benefit them. You need to tell them how your eBook can resolve their problem. If they don’t know why they should read your eBook, there’s no reason for them to buy it. 

You need to tell your readers what your eBook can do for them. Even if you’re not charging money to readers for downloading your eBook, you still need to tell them how they can benefit from reading it. Remember, your eBook isn’t the only free eBook available. 

If another author does a better job of conveying the message on why readers should buy their eBook, they’ll skip your eBook for theirs. When you promote your eBook, tell your readers how your eBook can add value to their life. 

You don’t have to tell an entire sales pitch either; doing so will lose their attention. Instead, in two lines, tell them why they need to buy or download your eBook. On your landing page, you can go into a little more detail on why they should get your eBook. MORE: Download the B2W free eBook, How Not To Write Female Characters

4)   Don’t Get Too Greedy for Information

Don’t get too carried away when asking for information from users. Users will not appreciate filling a lot of information just to download your eBook for free. They’ll likely not go through with the form. You’ll lose leads, not gain them this way.

If you’re giving your eBook for free, just ask for their email address to send them the download link there. If your form takes more than 30 seconds to fill, scrap it. You’re doing it wrong.

5)   Your Landing Page isn’t Optimised for Electronic Devices

Nowadays, users access websites from a wide variety of electronic devices. This includes their smartphone, handheld tablet, laptop, and more. You need to create a responsive website design. If your users can’t access your landing page from their electronic device, you’ve failed! Forget about them filling out your lead form to download your eBook.

Bonus Tip:  Your Readers Don’t Like Your Topic      

You need to select a topic that they’ll want to read and learn more about. Your eBook will fail to impress them. Your topic should compel them to download your eBook. 

For those who aren’t writers, but need an eBook to generate leads, you can always rely on an eBook proofreading and writing service to help you. In the end, promote your eBook to the right target audience using the right marketing techniques online and offline. Have a killer cover and enticing points to boot to sell your eBook and generate leads.

BIO: An enthusiastic reader and creator, Rob Davis is a Sr. Editor at Ghost eBook Writers- professional eBook proofreading and writing service. They cater to several different types of businesses. They create unique and ghostwritten content and also have a team of cover designers. 

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Failed”

  1. No. 3 is something I’ll have to work on. Perhaps readers can learn a bit about self-sufficiency by reading how the main character in my books, CIA operative Hannah Summers, gets herself out of some dangerous situations. Going to have to come up with more things a reader can learn from my books, and then add them to the marketing effort. Thx for posting this.

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