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4 Reasons Notebooks Are The Best Tools For Writers

Why Notebooks Are Great

In the age of technology, where digitalisation is king, simple paper notebooks can be powerful tools for writers. Sure, our smartphones can do just about anything at the touch of a button, sending emails, responding to texts, and receiving phone calls all day long …

… Or at least, until the battery runs out. Or the screen breaks.

It’s easy to think of notebooks as ‘junk’ that piles up in your living space, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, notebooks are able to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical life in several ways. Notebooks provide pen-to-paper contact that effortlessly keeps you alert and prepared for anything, as well as colorful statements about who you are as a person.

Writers, poets, note-takers, and everyone in between should consider investing in a personal notebook that follows them everywhere they go.

Here are four brilliant reasons to keep a notebook sitting with you at all times.

1) For Creativity

It may be obvious, but notebooks are by far some of the leading mediums of creative thought throughout the majority of human civilisation. From Shakespeare to Galileo, great minds have relied on a pen and paper to memorialise their most meaningful work. According to scientists, writing by hand is actually one of the best ways to improve creativity and productivity.

Notebooks possess seemingly endless possibilities in creative applications …

  • Write, memorise, or construct perfect lines of poetry.
  • Pen the great American novel (or screenplay)!
  • Rip out a few pages for an impromptu paper airplane, item scooper, or origami fold.

Notebooks let you think outside the box, in more ways than one.

2) For Scheduling

Ah, planning. For those of us who are anti-schedulers, this task can seem daunting at times. The constant presence of a notebook allows for quick planning and reminders at all times of the day. From work meetings and homework assignments to daily shopping lists, having a notebook by your side means planning your day into pure, structured bliss.

Want to get outside the box? Try using notebooks for scheduling in:

  • Monthly to-do lists
  • Home DIY projects
  • Weekend getaways

Notebooks make everything just a little bit easier. Even your calendar!

3) For Spontaneity

Despite popular belief, spontaneity isn’t a spur-of-the-moment impulse. Instead, it’s something to be planned for! In the adventure of life, you never know what will happen next. Notebooks help you take charge of the moment and enable you to go (and do) anything your heart desires.

You might find yourself in need of a notebook if you …

  • … Decide to go hiking and get hit with last-minute inspiration.
  • … Want to leave a note letting people know you’ll be out.
  • … Need some paper to start a campfire you’re having with friends.

Notebooks offer endless possibilities to endless situations, right when you need them.

Speaking of endless possibilities, thousands of unique notebook designs are available online or at your local stationery store. Recycled notebooks are perhaps the most environmentally friendly option, and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and artwork.

That’s the beauty of simple paper. Once it reaches the end of its useful life, a new life can begin without clogging a landfill with toxic materials and chemicals. It’s a win-win scenario!

4) For Memory

Given how spontaneous life can be, and the sheer amount of information we face on a daily basis, forgetting things is (and always has been) a normal part of our lives.

By having a notebook with you at all times, you can easily “record” any piece of information, just as you would in your memory. The main advantage of a notebook is there’s a higher chance it won’t be forgotten… that is, unless you forget to open your notebook from time to time!

Notebooks are perhaps the best screen-free way to record information flawlessly.

You can use notebooks to help you remember …

  • Your movie night dinner list
  • The Christmas gifts your partner wanted last year (but you forgot about)
  • The title of that great short story you’ve been meaning to pen

There’s no time like the present to write, and no time like now to get started!

The Final Word

No matter what reason you choose to keep a notebook by your side, know that it will increase your quality of life tenfold. Notebooks are all about intentionality and serve as great reminders for creativity, scheduling, spontaneity, memory, and so much more. When used correctly, notebooks become absolutely essential portions of your daily ‘stuff’ portfolio.

Ready to find your inner inspiration?

Happy notebooking!

BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist & content writer from Louisville, who has experience in small editions. She enjoys creating news and conceptual articles about efficiency and productivity in life. You can find her on LinkedIn. Hope you appreciate Lori’s useful insights!

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