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B2W FAQs – How To Improve Your Self Belief

Is Self Belief A Problem For You? 

If your self belief has taken a hit as a writer, rest assured LOTS of Bang2writers before you have felt similarly! Check out this edition of the B2W FAQS for answers on how to improve your self belief. Don’t forget to give the main FAQs page a bookmark – find it HERE. Good luck out there! 

How do I advance as a writer?? It seems overwhelming and I’m scared.

We are all scared … that’s the bad news. It’s also the good news, it keeps you fresh! So you might as well quit stalling and make that jump!

I’m feeling very unhappy about writing. How do I get through this?

Recognise that writing is hard work and it won’t all be sunshine. The rejection and toil gets all of us down from time to time. Take stock and consider your options … If you don’t want to do it anymore, that’s okay too. You didn’t ‘waste’ your time. MORE ADVICE.

How do I cure writer’s block?

First off, you are not alone. Every writer gets some kind of ‘writer’s block’ where they don’t know what to write or don’t want to write (even those who say it does not exist!). CLICK HERE for a handy infographic on how to get through this.

Why shouldn’t I use the word ‘aspiring writer’ to describe myself? I haven’t been paid yet.

Doesn’t matter. If you’re writing, then you’re a writer! Make this commitment to believing in yourself. MORE HERE.

Argh, deadlines are freaking me out!!! Any advice?

Yes, reframe your mindset … Deadlines can be your FRIEND. Yes, really! I am also a big believer in utilising all the time available by breaking it down in to incremental chunks. So use a calendar app or diary for this! Check out THIS ARTICLE for some more great thoughts on crushing your writing deadlines.

I need waaaaaay more time to write. What do I do??

No problem, B2W’s got you covered! CLICK HERE for the B2W ultimate guide to getting stuff done.

Got kids? B2W was built AROUND my 3 kids! CLICK HERE for 5 Simple Tips For Balancing Kids And Writing.

Still need more time?? No problem – here’s 7 Ways To Find More Time To Write.

 I am [insert age here] – is it too late for me??

In short – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! If you’re still breathing, then go for it. If you’re still feeling despondent, to check out these famous creatives who all broke in ‘late’, CLICK HERE.

Grab Your Free Online Course

I am offering Bang2writers a free mini course called The Foundations of Writing Craft. Using video, worksheets and PDF guides, I walk you through what I call ‘The B2W Holy Trinity’ … Concept, Characters and Structure.

So, if you want proven methodologies for working on your writing craft (including developing your structural toolbox), this course will provide the know-how and the resources you need.  To grab your free mini course from B2W then, CLICK HERE.

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