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B2W FAQs – Submissions & Careers Edition

Questions On Submissions & Careers

Bang2writers ask me almost daily about writing submissions & careers!  I thought I’d round up some info on this in the same place for you guys. Whether you’re in the market for an agent, worried about ‘breaking in’, or something else, you will find help and links here.

Want more information about writing, as well as submissions & careers? No problem – simply go to the new B2W FAQs page. CLICK HERE for a mammoth post detailing all the Qs Bangers ask me regularly! I have also linked to articles with further information. Enjoy!

1) How do I get an agent?

A favourite question amongst Bang2writers! This will depend on whether you are a novelist or screenwriter.

If you’re the latter, this will be less problematic; if you’re the former, it will be much harder. More on how to do this (and why it’s harder for screenwriters), HERE.

Here’s the Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Trying To Get Agents. Avoid these mistakes and you will be fine!

2) What is good submissions practice?

ALWAYS follow the submissions guidelines!!! Check the website and research the people you are submitting to.If it doesn’t say specifically, then it never hurts to send a script, a synopsis and CV/resumé. Here’s how NOT to make submissions, courtesy of uber-agent powerhouse, the late Carole Blake.

3) When should I follow up on my submission?

Writers tend to either follow up too quickly, or NOT AT ALL. This is bonkers on both counts. Generally speaking, for the first one wait at LEAST 8 weeks. 12 is better. For the second, ENQUIRE about the progress of your submission … it’s your right!! MORE HERE.

4) How do I put together a writer’s CV / resumé?

Some places and opportunities, including screen agencies and literary agents, want to see writing CVs and resumés now. There’s no industry standard way to do this, but there’s a breakdown and handy infographic at B2W to help you, HERE.

5) How do I write a good bio online?

A great bio online showcases your talents and creates a powerful ‘call to action’. For a full breakdown on how to do this, CLICK HERE.

6) Why shouldn’t I use the word ‘aspiring’ writer in my bio? I haven’t been paid yet.

Doesn’t matter. If you’re writing, then you’re a writer! Make this commitment to believing in yourself. MORE HERE.

7) How do I ‘make it’ as an author?

Change your mindset! It’s all about what defining what success means to you. Don’t wait to be picked or validated by others. Here’s a chat with top ‘authorpreneur’ Joanna Penn with more detail on how to be a writing success.

8) How do I break in as a screenwriter?

No writer’s journey is the same, but there ARE things you can do to take your career in your own hands. CLICK HERE for 5 Simple Tips To Help You Break In As A Screenwriter.

9) How do I use social media effectively / build my online platform?

There’s no ‘right’ way to use social media effectively as a writer – just multiple wrong ways! The best advice is deciding …

  • What the purpose/goal of your online activity as a writer is
  • What you WILL and WON’T share online and
  • Crafting a persona around a specific remit.

HERE’s a case study on how Lucy built the B2W platform. Never forget the all-seeing eye of Google, too!

You can also leverage the power of Linkedin as a writer too – CLICK HERE.

10) Where can I find screenwriting opportunities/leads?

The great news is, it’s easier than ever to find people to make submissions to, thanks to social media … The bad news is, it’s easier than ever to SCREW THIS RIGHT UP!

For 5 big tips on finding a producer, plus 3 more on why you may be failing, CLICK HERE.

For more writing help, VISIT THE B2W FAQS PAGE

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