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How to Build a Book Launch Team

About Book Launch Teams

If it’s time for you to launch your next book on Amazon, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a great launch team. This is a group of people that will get an early copy of your book, read it, and give a review that will be posted when the book is published. In reality, you can get much more out of a good launch team and give your book long-term success.

What Is A Book Launch Team?

The book launch team is a group of people, either fans of your previous work, blog readers, friends, or colleagues. They should be passionate about your book and want to help you succeed. As the author, you’re responsible for guiding them to act during the launch of the book. It’s necessary to have a book launch team so they can give you honest reviews during the launch, share news of it, and get you sales and downloads.

The more Amazon reviews you can get, the more you can get your book ranked and promoted by Amazon. Reviews also help your book sell, so if you can reach 20-30 in the first week, you can get great momentum for your book and set it up for long-term success.

How to Build a Launch Team

If you don’t have a team yet, it can be confusing knowing where to start, especially if you don’t have a big following yet and this is your first book launch. The first step is to build a list of 20-30 people that you can reach out to directly, a mix of business contacts, online relationships, and email subscribers if you have a blog. This will be your core team and those that are the most committed. Then, you can post on your social media platforms and get a lot of other, fringe team members, if you want a large launch team.

You’ll need to be clear with your launch team about what actions you want them to take, when, and how to implement the action plan you’ll develop. Although some people on the team may not follow through, it’s important to encourage them and keep the momentum going.

The quality of the launch team is more important than the quantity. You want people that are committed and will take action. To do that, you want to reach out to people directly and create a personal relationship, which will make them more interested in committing. You can also invite people that you’ve previously worked with and trust.

Managing Your Launch Team

You’ll need to be direct with your launch team and let them know what you expect from the beginning. Ask them to read the book before the launch day and to give you feedback on things like format or mistakes.

Request that they write an honest review of the book to post during the launch week, and share details about the launch on their social platforms and bringing it up on relevant chat forums. Start a brainstorm about other promotional ideas, especially on a Facebook group where they can exchange strategies.

During the Launch

You’ll need to be clear about how to communicate with your team, especially during the launch. If they don’t feel connected to you, they may lose interest and trust. It’s important to keep everyone involved. You can start an email campaign with your team, and send a few emails during the launch. Another good idea is setting up a Facebook group and communicate via updates there regularly.

You also need to make sure every member of the launch team receives the book in advance. It’s important not to overwhelm the team with too many requests, or not being clear enough about what you expect. That’s a sure way to lose engagement or confuse and frustrate your team. It’s also important to set up your team for future book launches as well so you don’t need to restart this process from scratch each time you’re ready to publish.

Good Luck!

BIO: Bea Potter, a content marketer and editor for Assignment Writing Service and Top UK writing services, helps individuals who want to self-publish their non-fiction books. She has researched a lot of marketing strategies and self-promotion tactics for authors and enjoys sharing her insights. Her work is also available at Top essay writing services UK.

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