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Ego Depletion: 6 Ways To Recharge Your Batteries

All About Ego Depletion

Lots of writers are familiar with the idea of burn out, but perhaps not the term ‘ego depletion’. But if you are struggling to muster the willpower to edit your script or write another 1,000 words? Then you may be experiencing ego depletion.

No matter what you’re working towards, achieving your goals takes time and discipline. Though there will be setbacks and hurdles to overcome, with time and effort, you can accomplish your aims.

It is not unusual for hardworking writers and creatives to get stressed and burnt out. Ego depletion is the lack of willpower or motivation we feel after spending too much effort on self control.

The ego is Sigmund Freud’s term for the part of ourselves that mediates between our impulses and what we know we should do. So when your ego becomes depleted from …

  • working too long on a difficult task you’d rather skip
  • you make too many decisions
  • or are simply stressed out

your ego can become depleted. As a result of ego depletion, you lose motivation and struggle to hit the goals you set for yourself.

So if after a long day, you just can’t seem to summon the willpower to stay away from snacks you know you shouldn’t eat, it may just be because your ego is depleted. When you find your motivation is limited, don’t force it. Instead, use your focus strategically to work on the things that are the highest impact.

For more tips on overcoming ego depletion, check out this great infographic by Turbo. Check it out after the jump and good luck!

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