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Expand Your Vocabulary: 19 New Words Writers Can Try

Keep Your Vocabulary Up To Date

A great writer needs a great vocabulary.

But a great vocabulary isn’t about using high fallutin’ words your readers won’t understand. The best vocabulary includes words popular with younger people and used in internet-speak around the world.

So, what’s the best way to update your vocabulary?

You could invite your friends over to play Scrabble on a Friday night (they will probably decline) … Or you can do something a lot easier!

Check out Global English Editing’s new infographic which lists 19 must-know words for 2020. With words like “shook” and “biohacking,” it doesn’t matter what subject  or medium you write in, you’ll find new words to add to your writing.

Newsflash: Yer Old!

According to my social media insights, the average Bang2writer is somewhere between 35 and 45. We are OLD NOW, PEEPS! Supersadface.

Not really. Getting older is great, but it does mean it’s harder to stay ‘on trend’ with language. This in turn makes it more difficult to write young people that are actually realistic.

This is where infographics like the one below come in. I am a particular fan of ‘Stan’. Every time I see it used, I spot older people querying it as a typo … BUT IT’S NOT! It’s actually named for that Eminem song which is about a die hard super-fan. So, if you’re a ‘Stan’, then you’re an obsessed stalker type. It all comes clear.

These words are commonly used, both on the internet and in real-life conversations, especially among younger people. Sprinkling them into your writing can help spice it up and make it seem more realistic. It can also help you stand out from the pack of other writers.

More About Language Use On B2W

Check out the infographic after the jump. Happy writing!

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Good Luck!

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