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No, Woke Culture Is NOT ‘The Death Of Storytelling’

On ‘Woke Culture’

Hardly a week goes by without some (white) guy lamenting some version of the ‘death of storytelling’. Recently it was film director Todd Phillips’ turn, saying ‘Woke Culture’ is Killing Comedy Movies.

Another director, Adam Hertz also chimed in on this saying American Pie wouldn’t get made today. (His position was slightly more nuanced than Phillips’ however, ultimately conceding that’s ‘probably a good thing’.)

This is the cruncher though: TIMES CHANGE. This is how the industry works. It is not ‘woke’, it’s just good business sense. What is popular in one decade, is not in another. What’s more, audiences are becoming more media literate. This means they are breaking down their consumer preferences in more nuanced ways all the time.

Regardless of ‘woke culture’ as Phillips calls it then, he still would have had to change his approach to stay relevant. All creatives need to do this. Comedy that ‘punches down’ at marginalised people as standard is no longer considered funny, or skilful storytelling.

Besides, the likes of Phillips are forgetting one teeny-tiny thing, summed up brilliantly in this tweet by movie critic @DrewMcWeeny:

Compassionate Comedy

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Comedy – and storytelling in general – is no different. Audiences have made it clear what they want … Some call ie ‘compassionate comedy’ (not ‘woke culture’).

‘Compassionate comedy’ DOESN’T mean comedy can’t walk the line of propriety … Nor does it mean it can’t be gross-out, or risqué. It just has to remember not to punch marginalised people in the face for laughs as standard. (Frankly if comedy writers find this SO difficult to avoid, they probably shouldn’t be comedy writers).

Go Woke Yourself

Now let’s widen the conversation beyond comedy … The same people who make these mad proclamations about ‘the death of storytelling’ may also claim diversity is ‘political correctness gone mad’, or ‘box ticking’. This is no accident. These people like things done a certain way. When that way changes, they kick out.

It’s also no accident that a huge proportion of these people saying such things look the same. If it has not escaped your notice I started this article talking about (white) guys, that’s because a huge proportion of the complainants ARE white people and/or men. Unsurprisingly, white/men are dominant in the industry, too.

This is why the push for diversifying storytelling is so important. When we say ‘diversity’, what we really mean is VARIETY. We need more variety in …

Not for politics, or brownie points, or for the ‘greater good’. Not because of ‘woke culture’. But because it’s WHAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS. Le duh!!

The Facts Speak For Themselves

So, ignore complaints about so-called ‘woke culture’ ruining your chances of writing what you want. This has never been the case.  Instead, concentrate on diversifying your stories, do your research properly and ensure you don’t ‘punch down’ in your writing. Here’s the facts …

  • Our target audiences actively want more diversity as standard. Audiences have voted with their wallets. We need to ensure they keep doing so, by giving them that variety they crave.
  • There’s opportunity here for more variety, authenticity and empathy in storytelling. People are bored with ‘the same-old, same-old.’ They want to see events, people, worlds and issues they recognise yet don’t often see in stories reflected back at them. They will pay money for this too. This means you can grab money moguls’ interest, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Whether we like it or not, the industry follows the money. Money moguls want to make money; it’s not rocket science. So if we don’t want diversity to become a ‘trend’, we need to ensure we throw our support behind a variety of characters, stories, writers and filmmakers.
  • Highjacking others’ stories is not the done thing. Never just ‘lift’ others’ stories, experiences, etc wholesale and write them as your own. This is stealing, aka cultural appropriation.
  • Dominant voices need to amplify the marginalised’s. If you are white, that doesn’t mean it’s been ‘easy’ for you … It just means being white did not stand in your way. So quit whinging you’re being ‘excluded’, or that stuff like ‘woke culture’ is ruining your chances … Instead, why not identify and help ANY marginalised writer you can? When relationships are everything in this biz, your philanthropy will help you long term too.
  • This is NOT the ‘death of storytelling’ – it’s actually the very opposite. Those that proclaim diversity is the problem are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs go extinct.

The infographic below is made by Venngage and brings forth the facts above. It also draws attention to various studies on the impact of diversity in storytelling. Look the studies up in detail, educate yourself on how VARIETY can make you a better storyteller.

Good Luck!

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21 thoughts on “No, Woke Culture Is NOT ‘The Death Of Storytelling’”

  1. Absolute drivel. Hijacking the stories of others?
    Female Ghostbusters
    Oceans 8 (female version)
    What Men Want
    Terminator Dark Fate
    Recasting male stories with women is done all the time and that’s woke – not appropriation. Right?

    1. No, it is not ‘appropriation’ or highjacking because storytelling – particularly plotting archetypes such as The Hero’s Journey – has no gender. Same re: character archetypes. Also Terminator has always had a female lead. They just added more of them in Dark Fate. Get rid of the feelz and actually look at how craft works and it’s very clear.

      1. The difference with films like T1 and T2 that had a female lead (which is arguable by the way, ask 90% of people on the street who the main character in ‘The Terminator’ is and they’re going to say Arnie) is that it was done in an organic and natural way. Females were presented as realistic people, not gun toting, invincible stereotypes full of meme worthy one liners. Sarah Conner actually trained after T1 to become the badass she is in T2. She was vulnerable, scared and had a personality beneath the tough exterior. She was three dimensional. In dark fate she’s basically a caricature of herself.

        That caricature is the standard mold for women in cinema the vast majority of the time in 2019. The problem with woke films isn’t that they are diverse or have female leads, it’s that they bend the parts of the females and minorities to fit an unrealistic character that has no flaws, is always invincible and will never falter. While usually using white males as the villain, the weak, the evil or the stupid characters.

        This is just simply unrealistic, insulting and boring in cinema.

        1. Aaah you are one of those tedious ‘XXX is a Mary Sue’ idiots I see. And no, Arnie is NOT the protagonist of Terminator. He was the antagonist. That is basic. If you are going to make stupid assertions like ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ at least study the craft and marketplace properly. But of course you won’t.

    2. My opinion doesn’t matter, and your opinion doesn’t matter. Woke movies are flopping like a dead fish. A huge chunk of America’s can’t stand the direction Hollywood tv and movies are heading into.

    1. You ‘dare not express an opinion’, yet here you are doing exactly that. Guess you can’t read or process anything that challenges your narrow worldview, bless your heart

      1. Wow, what an intelligent response. OK, let me get down on your level so we can communicate better … “I know you are but what am I?!”

        1. Oh, also, you did what ALL of you whiney liberals do, you misquoted me, I said “I dare not express MORE of an opinion’ and so you quoted my snippet and left out “more” so you could go all third grader on me. You people are so predictable.

          1. ‘Predictable’ ‘you people’… ‘whiney liberals’ … All I need is ‘snowflakes’ from you and I’ll be able to check off a full INCEL BINGO card. Thanks! I can see why you are looking for writing tips tho. Sadly you will need to open your mind to be a good writer though. Bad luck. Mwah x

        2. I’m only here because I find you SJW snowflakes so shallow and easy to toy with … one thing you all have in common, you can never debate on the merits of your particular viewpoint, all you can do is say adolescent things like ‘Guess you can’t read …” or dismiss the (white) guy. Your heart’s in the right place, but boy that poor little brain of yours! I guess they let anybody have a blog these days. Anyway, I’m done with you now … you can go back to watching your re-runs of Batwoman. Big juicy Mwah to you too!! Bye.

          1. Oh hunny, we all know you are here trolling because you have self esteem issues. To actually be a big man you have to put yourself in a vulnerable place and you can’t bear that, so you strike out at others to make yourself feel better. You imagine everyone has got an agenda and that is what is holding you back. The reality? *You* are holding you back. With that in mind, I am putting you down now since you are not a worthy opponent, but I hope youget the help you need. Truly.

      2. My opinion is worth more…. to me…. that’s how these things work. There is a reason Top Gun Maverick succeeded at the box office while so many other movies have flopped recently. It told a fun story.

    1. Your comment didn’t age well from the moment it left your typing fingers – in contrast, since I wrote this in 2019, so-called ‘woke’ properties are making more $$$£££ than ever. LOL!

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