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How To Write A Bestseller, Broken Down

Writing A Bestseller

Is writing a bestseller in your plan? Have you fleshed out your characters and mapped your plot, with exciting twists and turns along the way? While some novels seem to randomly catch on like wildfire and others don’t, not all things about bestsellers are random.
Many thanks to Global English Editing who have been in touch with this fab infographic. I really like how they’ve broken it down into 11 key steps. Obviously there’s no guarantees in this writing malarkey … But it’s ALWAYS a good idea to immerse yourself in research and work out what has gone before.

Language Choices 

When it comes to language, keep the writing short and sharp. An algorithm calculated with 80% accuracy that a bestseller will have shorter sentences, simple vocabulary, and active narratives.
Bestsellers usually have a high readability, which includes narrowing down the story to only one or two topics, to avoid confusion in readers.

Characters, Genre & Style

Female protagonists are very popular, and books featuring this tend to win awards. 52% of best-sellers are written in the third person perspective.
Romance is the most popular genre; romance novels sell the best. The next most popular genres for bestsellers status are contemporary novels and thrillers. I was interested to see themes of grief don’t tend to be popular, but then this makes sense. All of us will face bereavement in our lives to some extent, which is very difficult. Whilst fiction that deals with this might be cathartic, it is unlikely we will find this entertaining! 
When you are almost finished your book, but not sure what title to pick, consider this. The title of a bestseller is usually simple, begins with “The”, and tends to point to objects and things. Interestingly, the word “wife” happens to be very popular in bestseller titles recently. 

Are you ready to go for it?

Maximise your chances of grabbing a spot on the bestseller list by checking out this fab infographic in more detail after the jump, this Nanowrimo. Enjoy and good luck!

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