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Death By Dialogue: How To Bring Your Writing Back To Life

Dialogue Death

Dialogue is overrated. That doesn’t mean it’s not important, but you’ve heard the sayings … Actions speak louder than words … A picture tells a thousand words … What you see is what you get!

Yet many writers still get hung up on dialogue. Either a script or novel is too dialogue-heavy or the dialogue isn’t authentic, or feels ‘in the nose’. Here are some tips to help you nail it!

1) DANGER: Why Dialogue Is Killing Your Screenplay

Has your screenplay suffered death by dialogue? Don’t know how to bring it back to life? We got ya covered! CLICK HERE.

2) INFOGRAPHIC: All About Dialogue – A Periodic Table

 Want to make sure the dialogue you do write pops off the page. CLICK HERE to take a look at this fun table about speech for some great ideas.

3) How Do I Format an Interruption in My Screenplay Dialogue?

Writing some great lines,   then suddenly find yourself stuck on how to format an interruption? B2W’s got you covered. CLICK HERE.

4) Top 5 Dialogue Mistakes Writers Make

There are movies/novels with huge sprawling displays of beautiful dialogue … Then there are stories with minimal snappy dialogue. I’m not saying loads of chat is a bad thing. Of course it can. But how do you know yours does?? Check out these 5 COMMON DIALOGUE MISTAKES.

5) No, Your Female Characters Don’t Just Need More Dialogue

Huh? But … but … I’m trying to make my female characters more than a pretty decoration. Surely more talking is the answer?? If only it were that simple! Characters are what they DO my friend … FIND OUT WHY.

 6) 8 Great Dialogue Tips That Will Rock Your Screenplay

Want to make sure you nail the dialogue? Obviously, you do. CLICK HERE for some rock solid some tips when you are rewriting.

7) Q: “Is GOOD Screenwriting About GREAT Dialogue?” >> NO!!

You now know dialogue isn’t the be all and end all BUT what about GREAT dialogue? Find out why great dialogue alone does not equate to cult classic, HERE.

8) Q: Is GOOD Screenwriting About GREAT dialogue? >> YES!

Okay, this title would seem to contradict everything said in this round-up on dialogue BUT it doesn’t! Honest! We might be saying dialogue should not be front and centre, sure … BUT we are also saying it should still be GREAT. CLICK HERE.

9) 6 Reasons Dialogue Is Your Enemy

Even if the dialogue is great, the characterisation still has to live up to it. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic line from The Terminator, ‘I’ll be back’ would not sound impressive coming from Elmer Fudd. Same goes if The Terminator had said: ‘Why, you Wascally Wabbit!’ Not only because it doesn’t make sense but because it doesn’t fit the character’s personality and actions. Crucial difference. CLICK HERE.

10) The 2 Sentences Your Characters Should NEVER Say

Dialogue should push the story forward and reveal character … But they should NEVER remind the reader or potential audience ‘this is a story’. CLICK HERE for two lines of dialogue that does just that. Noooooo!

Last Words

I hope you enjoyed this round-up on dialogue. Now open up your screenplay/manuscript … choppity, chop! Trim the fat and your work will sizzle on the page.

Good Luck!  

BIO: Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and children’s books. She dabbles in screenwriting and has won/been shortlisted for several short story/script competitions. You can find Emma on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or lurking in the shadows, spying on people in the name of inspiration and creativity.

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