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2 Secrets To Unstoppable Productivity

Be Unstoppable

I am an unstoppable writer. People ask me all the time if I can bend time, or have some kind of special secret. As I always write on this blog, the answer is NO. Not on your nelly.

Unstoppable writers are not some kind of higher beings. Here is how I get stuff done:

  • I decide to do something.
  • I will stop at nothing until I get it done.

But okay, you want more details. Fine. Here’s two things that really help you become unstoppable:

1) Laser Focus

I’ve written before about the importance of setting and evaluating meaningful goals. What I haven’t written about is how crucial LASER FOCUS is to achieving those goals.

But what is ‘laser focus’? Well, if ‘focus’ is defined as a ‘centre of interest or activity’, then applying a ‘laser’ to that ups the ante. Lasers burn, so I like to think of ‘laser focus’ as being a BURNING INTEREST.

So first, identify your goal, ie. get better at plotting within the next six months. Then think:

  • Motivation. Think about WHY you are doing this – in advance. If someone has recommended you work on your plotting, identify those areas of plotting you feel most uncomfortable with. Is it the beginning? The end? The middle? What is it you don’t understand, or find hard? Try and articulate it, so you can come back to it later.
  • Lists and Plans. It’s very easy to try and work on something like craft, but end up with nothing to show for it. Which books and blogs are you going to read about plotting? Which worksheets will you download? What novels and movies are you watch that have great plotting? How about the ones with bad plotting, then comparing them? What about interviewing professional writers for their thoughts on what makes good plotting? Make a list/plan.

Top Tip:

Laser Focus is deciding on a goal, then throwing everything at it. Be methodical. Make a calendar, plan and/or To Do list to refer to as you go. You’re MUCH more likely to achieve what you set out to. MORE: How To Set Meaning Goals & Stick To Them

2) Bitesize Chunks

I hear writers saying ‘I don’t have time’ constantly. But unstoppable writers don’t have the MOST time, they MAKE THE MOST of their available time. Crucial difference.

But look, I get it. If we have day jobs, health challenges, families or other commitments, then ‘finding the time’ to write can seem an impossible challenge. We need to change our mindsets. It’s NOT about finding time, or even about making it.

Instead, it’s about BELIEVING we have the time … Because we do! Time stops for no wo/man, so use it to your advantage. Don’t let it run away from you:

  • Spend too much on social media? Install an app to block it after a certain amount of time.
  • Break your tasks down into ‘bitesize chunks’.
  • Take a pen and paper everywhere you go.
  • Got even just five minutes? USE IT.
  • Make notes. Write sentences. Plan. Spidergrams. Whatever works for you!

So, think about your goal again … and break it down into bitesize chunks.

If you have decided you want to get better at plotting ‘within six months’, how many weeks is that? Days? Hours? How much of that time are you going to give to this task? What is the ideal? What about things you can’t plan for advance (ie. sick kids, sick spouses, sick you). Be realistic.

Top Tip:

Set a target number of hours for each week for working on your goal. Maybe you can only manage 1 hour a week, set into twelve 5 minute increments? That is fine! Whatever it takes, remember!!! MORE: 7 Ways To Find More Time To Write

Good Luck!

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