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The B2W Ultimate Guide To Structure

B2W Guide To Structure

Why do we need a guide to this stuff? Well, writers get structure WRONG all the time! Yes, even when they are not newbies!

We all know that structure is what holds your story together. If you don’t nail it your work will fall apart and you’ll end up rewriting until your eyeballs fall out and your fingers bleed. True story.

So, without further ado, here’s the B2W ultimate guide on everything you need to know about structure. Let’s go …

1) 5 Problems with Structure ALL Writers Have

Yes, even you! You might not be aware of these problems. CLICK THE LINK and find out what you can improve upon. Good writers never stop learning and improving.

2) Spotlight on Sitcom Structure: 6 Tips for Writers

Writing sitcoms is obviously going to be different from writing novels or film scripts. Ensure your sitcom structure is spot on, by CLICKING HERE.

3) 5 Visual Representations of Storytelling Structure

No ultimate guide would be complete without some visual representations, c’mon. How do we make sure our stories aren’t soft in the middle like a rushed Great British Bake Off cake? CLICK HERE to find out.

4) Structure Spotlight – 3 Things to Remember for Act 3

We want audiences/readers coming back for more, right? Hell yeah we do! For some tips on how not to screw up Act 3, CLICK HERE.

 5) On Writing: Why Planning Beats Seat-Of-Your-Pants Every Time

It’s great to go with the flow and see where a story and characters take you … But NOT at the expense of structure. There’s a fine line between plotting and pantsing. Walk along this tightrope gracefully or risk falling. For more on this, CLICK HERE.

 6) How to Avoid Plotting Hell and Save Writing Hours 

Structure is important, but you don’t want to spend weeks/months plotting a story. Balance is key. CLICK HERE to find out how to avoid plotting hell and remain in structure heaven.

7) 3 Things You Need to Know About Plot Holes 

Even if the structure is solid you might still find a hole in it. What can you do about this? To find out how to fill the holes in your story, CLICK HERE.

8) 7 Ways to Write A Plot Outline

We want to avoid Plotting Hell, or Outlining Hell, or any other Writing Hell! (Writers have a lot of Hells). Reading articles written by those who have spent enough time in the fire to know how to help others avoid getting burnt is a smart move. Check out THESE TIPS to help with structure and plotting.

9) How To Plot TV Series

Just like sitcoms on this list, TV series pilots can be a whole different ballgame. For tips on your ‘Story of the Week’ and how it intersects with your ‘serial element’, CLICK HERE.

10) 2 Simple Tips to Spot Structural Problems in Your Writing

We know stories have three parts: Beginning, Middle and End. Then why is it so difficult to connect these three elements? Should be as easy and slotting Lego bricks together, right? It’s not, and often we sense there’s a problem but can’t always see it. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you can totally get a handle on this and fix the problem yourself!  CLICK HERE to strap on your SP spotting goggles.

So …

I hope you enjoyed this round-up guide on structure. Now get to that keyboard and SMASH IT! I mean your story, of course. Do not literally smash the keyboard. Unless you haven’t had your morning coffee/tea, then you are forgiven.

Good Luck!

BIO: Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and children’s books. She dabbles in screenwriting and has won/been shortlisted for several short story/script competitions. You can find Emma on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or lurking in the shadows, spying on people in the name of inspiration and creativity. Check out her website HERE and follow her as @emmapullar_storyteller on instagram.

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