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Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Starting Out

Starting out as a writer, it’s easy to think success comes solely from talent. Nope! No matter how good some of the most famous literary works are, EVERY writer had their peaks and troughs creating them.

So, in order to save your time and refine your writing, take a look at top 5 mistakes commonly made by writers starting out:

1) Forgetting ‘Show, Don’t Tell’

The purpose of any work is to trigger the reader’s’ imagination. Simply telling a story via narration or dialogue is not eye-grabbing enough. You must make sure you are writing visually! It takes skills to create an interesting story and trick the reader into thinking that every aspect of it is a real-life narrative to which people can relate on various levels. MORE: 7 Unusual Tricks To Reveal Your Writing Talent

 2) Not editing properly

Understanding proofreading is just ONE aspect of editing makes a big difference in refining your work. Grammar and punctuation errors make up a big chunk of the quality of the text but definitely are not enough to give the audience a grasp of a bigger picture. The condition of work lies in your sentence structure and reasonable word choice. Also, when you are starting out you must keep in mind that your first draft will not be perfect. To be a good writer, you must comprehend the key concepts of editing. Check out more about this important subject in this article.

3) Lack of inspiration

The standards for creative writing are usually set very high. Lack of inspiration is one of the biggest milestones for writers starting out. Metaphorically speaking, an athlete cannot perform well without getting enough rest. The same concept can be applied to writing, too. No creator will generate a fantastic idea if he is bored. The best way to overcome boredom is to prevent it. Procrastination may sound like a great option, but diamonds are made under pressure!

4) Being Repetitive

Okay, the struggle of being repetitive is not only a beginner’s mistake. Famous writers face this problem on a daily basis. It is probably one of the main causes of boredom when people read your novel or spec screenplay! Using the same word in two consecutive sentences is a dead-end. It’s said synonyms are a writer’s best friend, so use different, but equivalent words. It will help you diversify your vocabulary, which in turn will make your work more engaging.

5) Quitting!!!

Don’t quit!!! Sure, you will have a few questionable for even plain bad works to start off with, but rest assured: you WILL get better. No person should fear failure. The most important part is to keep improving. Re-read what you write, but remember not to rush yourself. Double-check your work a couple times after finishing it, and preferably do it with a fresh mind. Practice makes perfect and should never be seen as something to be worried about. Whether you’re just starting out, or an old hand – keep going! MORE: Lots of other writing mistakes to avoid 

BIO: Piers Golden is a writer at EssayPro who has been writing professionally since 2013.

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