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Top 10 Links To Make Sure Your Idea Kicks Ass

All About Your Idea

Your Idea, Premise, Concept, ‘Seed of the story’ … What is this? Why do we need it? How to we make sure our idea kicks ass?

So many writers start a project thinking they have a killer concept only to find out it’s a fun idea at best. What’s even more distressing is that they usually find this out halfway through a project. Ouch. Bon Appétit, recycling bin! Here’s a round-up of everything you need to know about concept and ensure your idea kicks ass. Ready? Let’s go …

1) How Your Concept Can Kill Your Writing DEAD

 A bad concept is like one of those creatures from Harry Potter … You have a great idea, start writing and then BAM! A literary dementor sucks all the joy out of your work. CLICK HERE and learn the ‘Patronus Charm’ before a demented concept happens to you.

2) The 1 Thing That Makes Stories Crash and Burn

To prevent your story from crashing and burning, (and possibly ending up in story hell being kicked around like a football by the Damned Draft Devil), CLICK HERE and find out how to prevent a crash and burn.

3) 7 Steps to Road Test Your Concept

Road testing is a huuuuuge time-saver. You wouldn’t get in the driver’s seat without knowing how to drive a car. Don’t jump into a story without road testing your concept. CLICK HERE instead.

4) Reasons Your Concept Counts Above All Else

All writers have done this at least once. It’s truly painful when the other elements are spot on, but the concept isn’t clear. Like when a kid draws a creature made up of three animals and you don’t really know what it is, only they do. Eeek! Don’t allow you work to become some strange creature nobody can recognise. CLICK HERE.

5) Help! My Story Is Unclear – What Do I Do???

You didn’t road test your concept. Your idea is whack so your story isn’t coming together the way you’d envisioned. Don’t panic! For what you can do about this, CLICK HERE.

6) Top 5 Logline Mistakes Writers Make

What’s a quick way to find out if your concept sucks or not? You guessed it! The logline. Not to be confused with a tagline. The logline is a sentence describing your concept. What is the core story about? CLICK HERE to avoid common logline mistakes.

7) 15 Reasons Your Story Sucks

What’s the first reason on the list? CONCEPT. The other 14 reasons revolve around concept. Think about your story. Do any of these thigs ring true? Find out and CLICK HERE.

8) 4 Lessons on Writing A Killer Logline

So you’ve got a killer concept in the bag … But when you come to write the logline, your thoughts just don’t transfer clearly onto the page. CLICK HERE for some help.

9) Loglines Are Not Taglines …

For those who don’t know, this article shows the difference between a logline and a tagline. Don’t mix them up. When people mix them up and experienced writers see this, I think of Gandalf slipping over the edge … RUN, YOU FOOLS! Don’t be that fool. Also, don’t be the person to quibble about lines in movies. Did he say fly or run? No one cares! CLICK HERE.

10) Top 5 Concept Mistakes Writers Make

Script readers see A LOT of ideas every year … Some of them are good, some of them are half-baked, others just STINK like cheesy socks left under the bed for forty seven years. Make sure you do the first one, not the second or third! CLICK HERE.

So …

I hope you enjoyed this round-up. Now pick up that pen and write that killer logline. KNOCK ‘EM DEAD! Not literally though, unless you haven’t had your morning coffee/tea … no, the B2W headquarters says not even then.

Good luck!

BIO: Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and children’s books. She dabbles in screenwriting and has won/been shortlisted for several short story/script competitions. You can find Emma on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or lurking in the shadows, spying on people in the name of inspiration and creativity. Check out her website HERE and follow her as @emmapullar_storyteller on instagram.

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