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How to Make Money Writing

A Real Job?

Writing can often feel like a lonely and frustrating way to make money. You sit at your desk for hours, writing words that may never see the light of day, hoping that soon, your work will mean something to someone. You only realise that you’ve not spoken to another human being for several hours when the phone rings and you answer it sounding remarkably like Marge Simpson.

To make matters worse, writing can sometimes feel like the worst paid job in the world too. If you’re lucky, you get the odd copywriting gig or small editing role. Sooner or later though, your partner suggests that maybe it’s time you got a ‘real job’. You slowly bang your head against your desk and wonder why you ever thought you could write and make money.


Sound familiar? Well fear not. There are ways to make money with your words and we’re here to show you how.

Opportunities for writers are plentiful nowadays. From blogging and copywriting to editing and freelancing, we can find jobs to suit us on a regular basis. You may feel unsure about where your strengths really lie, but with so many possibilities out there, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

The infographic by Global English Editing after the jump shows you the opportunities you have as a writer today. Not only does it provide you with a detailed summary of your options, it also shows you just how far your writing skills can take you and how best to use them. Good luck!

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