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Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make With Erotica

Cringey Capers

You only have to dip into the erotica section of Amazon to see that it is distressingly easy to write poor sexy tales.  Yet just by following a few simple rules you can lift your erotica from tacky to tantalising … Just don’t make any of THESE clangers …

1) No story!

Where’s the story? If you are going to write your own sexual fantasies, then don’t forget to make it part of the story and not just a cold happening.

2) Being OTT

Keep it your erotica simple and relatable. Use something ordinary and familiar as your starting point- a spoon, key, daily routine etc- and think about how that item/experience could be used to enhance a specific sexual scenario. Once you have the basics – then you can expand to where you want your story to go.

3) Writing sex, sex, sex

Never write a sex scene for the sake of it. Every scene has to move the story on as it would in every other genre.

4) Chasing Trends

Avoid the ‘it’s popular’ trap. Don’t write what makes you uncomfortable because you think you ought to. If it’s awkward to write it’ll be awkward to read.

5) Being illegal/ in poor taste

Don’t forget the rules! Erotica publishers don’t say no to non-consensual sex, bestiality, incest, or necrophilia just because they are trying to be awkward.  They simply don’t need the legal hassle or their reputations damaging – and neither do you.

Good Luck!

BIO: Kay Jaybee is an award winning erotica writer and creative writing tutor. Her bestsellers include the novels The Perfect Submissive Trilogy and Making Him Wait. LIKE Kay’s FB page, visit her website HERE and follow her on Twitter as @kay_jaybee.

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