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How To Get Writing Done, According To 20 Famous Authors


One thing I hear all the time is, ‘I really don’t know how you get it all done!’ 

It’s true: I write books, blogs and screenplays; I edit and read scripts; I do copious amounts of research and reading; I run workshops and do talks and organise events; I do networking, social media outreach and content marketing (Oh and raise kids, cook and travel and all that other pesky life stuff, too).

But my secret is not time travel, magic or making small elves write all my books. In fact, my secret is actually something ANYONE can do – ROUTINE. Having a routine involves just two things:

  1. working out a strategy that ensures you deliver results
  2. sticking to it like GLUE

In terms of number 1) I’ve written before about goal-setting and evaluation, which is part of your strategy. Working out HOW to get things done and BY WHEN is key to this. Many people want to write a screenplay or novel (or whatever) and may even start or finish a draft or two, but soon run out of steam because they have not worked out how they’re going to get it done, or when they will finish. Other writers may think they’re doing good work, but end up going in circles because they’ve not set an end date on their project. They just end up rewriting endlessly, so can’t move on.

From there, with reference to number 2) it really is as simple as DOING IT. I do my best writing in the morning for example, but I also need fresh air to get the brain cogs whirring (plus it’s not a great idea to sit down all day behind a computer). So my day looks something like this:

  • Breakfast with the kids and school run
  • Go for a walk somewhere and/or do errands
  • Do my emails and admin/social media (1 hour maximum)
  • Writing until lunch
  • Reading / writing script notes/ Skype meetings until 3pm
  • School run again
  • More emails and admin

Of course, there will be days that differ, especially when I’m editing my novels (that always needs doing YESTERDAY, so I’ll binge it). Also, sometimes I’ll be doing meetings IRL.  But generally speaking, the above is my routine and it works for me – as you can see, it’s nothing MAJOR! But every little bit counts.

What’s YOUR routine for getting writing done? Leave in the comments.

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