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Merry Christmas from B2W!

Bang2write will be back in the new year

In the meantime, feel free to get your scriptchat on over on the Bang2writers FB group! JOIN HERE.

If you’re looking for writing help and free PDF resources to download, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to give ME a Christmas gift, then I’d love a review! You can review the Bang2write main site, HERE or any of my books you’ve read on their Amazon listings HERE, or Goodreads HERE. Even just one sentence is a big help. Thank you!

Also, if you’re at a loose end this holiday, then you may be interested to know some of my books are on special offer. The Other Twin is just 99p on Kobo and are price-matching HERE; plus my new non fiction writing book, Writing Diverse Characters For Fiction, TV & Film is 50% off on ebook HERE at the moment.

Have a brilliant holiday season!


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