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How To Improve Your Grammar (Writers’ Cheat Sheet)

Some languages run on a series of relatively simple, consistent rules. English is NOT one of them! Because of this, pretty much all of us find English grammar tricky at times, dithering over tenses and puzzling over punctuation.

However, it’s worth facing down your grammar fear. In an internet-connected world, we all need to know how to write well. And you never know, you might just find that writing better is the key to that promotion or new job you’ve been after. These tips will get you started:

1) Spend some time learning rules by heart

The oddities of the English language can’t be conquered without a bit of hard work and rote learning. Make sure you understand how to write sentences that are clear and unambiguous. Learn how to place punctuation and order words correctly.

2) Become a lover of words

Following grammar rules isn’t about conforming for conformity’s sake. It’s about being able to express yourself clearly and fluently. Add to your new grammar skill by expanding your vocabulary too.

3) Be your own editor

Even the best writers make mistakes sometimes. Good writers know that proofreading and editing is an essential part of the writing process. Make sure you always give yourself time to read over and correct your writing before you send it to anyone else.

Take a look at this infographic by The Expert Editor for detailed grammar tips and writing tricks.

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