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How To Become A Better Writer: 4 Essential Tips

Being new to any field is challenging, and time consuming. Writing is a demanding task, and being new at it is even worse – you have to learn new tricks. Here are four essential tips on how to become a better writer, I am sure they will help you. Good luck!

1) Enjoy it!

You have no idea how many times I’ve heard the phrase “I have to write again, but I don’t want to, I’m done.” My friends tried writing so many times, yet they all failed.

I love writing. There are times when I write continuously for days. I take my breaks, but no other distractions. From a former novice to another, I am telling you – if you don’t like it at all, quit. We all have our moments of boredom, but in the end, good writers end up back at their desks, trying to figure out how to improve. If you really don’t find yourself in that position, quit. For real, stop reading this article. I am not trying to sound mean or anything, but remember – youhave to enjoy what you do in order to succeed.

2) Have the courage to FAIL

There is no reason for you to be anxious about your abilities yet. If you decided to keep reading this article, it means you are prepared to succeed. You need to be patient though. If you want to improve, then you must have the courage to fail. This is how you actually make it.

3) Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect! Take time every day to sit down and practice your writing. Even if you do not have any great ideas in mind, write down what you think about and expand on that. Also, make sure you plan your writing sessions beforehand. Believe me, even if you’re under the impression that you write too much, you never do. It’s the continuous process of practicing that keeps you improving.

Set targets such as 500 or 1,000 words per day, or even more if you can. Take time to correct your mistakes and learn from them. Make a special notebook to track your gradual improvement. Reward yourself for your accomplishments!

4) Don’t Try to Impress

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned lately is that you don’t have to try to impress anybody. Do not worry about how many views your article gets, or how many comments you receive. That should not be your focus when it comes to learning.Your only focus should be on becoming better and better every day, regardless of your ratings.

If you care too much, your writing will become mainstream and boring. I see that so many times. It is the sheep effect – one person writes about a certain topic and succeeds, suddenly that topic becomes so popular that all the writers start using it. It’s not original, and it’s not fun. Find your own path to success, and never let yourself influenced by other writers or trends.


Writing is a challenging art that requires patience and a lot of time commitment. Before you start putting an effort into it, make sure you are made for this. Also, practice a lot to perfect your style, and stop trying to impress people. That will hurt you more than it will help you, and you’ll end up dissatisfied with your writing anyway.

BIO: Brandon Stanley is a journalist at He is also interested in writing articles concerning writer’s techniques. Apart from that, Brandon loves traveling and playing the piano.  Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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