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The Most Expensive TV Shows Of All Time

TV writing is a major interest of the Bang2writers, so many thanks to Drew from FrameYourTV for getting in touch with this fab infographic!

Knowing about budgets – especially what is possible for what money! – is absolutely paramount for screenwriters. Not because they should write ‘for the market’, but because this will aid their story choices at foundation level. Too often a writer will blithely claim their screenplay or idea is ‘low budget’ when the reality is it’s anything but.

So this infographic makes for interesting reading, reminding us that stars are also likely to pick up massive pay packets in addition to the actual MAKING of the show too … Though of course Kevin Spacey might be feeling the pinch nowadays after getting House of Cards cancelled, thanks to the recent Hollywood abuse allegations! (Not Clare Danes though, she’s in Homeland! 😉 )

Which is your favourite of the shows listed below? Let us know in the comments.

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