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Revealed: 3 Surprising Ways To Sell More Books

‘How do I sell more books??’

This question is something that is always on the mind of the author, self-published or traditionally published; fiction or non fiction. Sales is what unites all of us, because – quite simply – without readers, there really is no point in what we do! Eeek!

Many thanks to Michael Alvear for this illuminating graphic below!I knew about finding #2 about series, but numbers #1 and #3 were completely new to me. I was surprised that Amazon users pay such attention to ads, which means I’ll be looking into this in more detail for 2018.

Most of all though I was interested that people go to the bottom of Amazon pages. This made me think about about my own page viewing of Amazon – and yup, I do read all the way to the bottom! I like to find out who publishes what; what the sales rank is; plus what the reviews say. I think I had figured I do this because I am an author who is also a content marketer, but seems like many people do as standard – and this information is very valuable. To see the rest of Michael’s findings, CLICK HERE or on the pic.

Lastly, you may also remember Micheal wrote a recent, brilliant guest post entitled Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make In Dealing With Rejection recently. If you’ve just been rejected (who hasn’t??), DO make sure you check it out, ASAP! Also, make sure you click on the infographic to see the rest of the study’s conclusions.

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There’s loads of great sites out there for author advice … In fact, it can be hard to know where to start, there’s that many!! I get asked all the time which ones are good, so here’s the ones I check regularly:

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