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6 Ways To Get Great Writing Ideas From Social Media

Social media gets a bad rap as a ‘time suck’ for writers, but as any Bang2writer knows, I think social media is BRILLIANT for us … Not only can we get ideas and inspiration, we can use it as a ‘water cooler’ to chat ideas through (either overtly or covertly). We can crowd fund for opinions and answers to our queries, as well as observe debates, talks and even flame wars too. What’s more, we can even find out what our potential audiences are interested in (or conversely, NOT interested in!) too — this is one of the main reasons I ended up penning Writing Diverse Characters For Fiction, TV and Film!

So, when Robert suggested this article, I bit his hand off. Some great tips here, so get searching on social media … and researching that bestseller or blockbuster… But most of all, have fun! 😀

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself short of ideas or inspiration to write. It is normal and happens to everyone. However, you can get GREAT ideas from social networks if you know how to use them properly. Ready? Let’s go!

1) Be open and engaged on social networks

First things first. Sometimes, literally all it takes to get inspired is a single post, question or answer! True story. Once it clicks, your floodgate of ideas will open automatically. But you need to be open and engaged. Stay active on social networks till you find the inspiration or ideas you seek. MORE: 3 Quick, Useful And FREE Ways For Writers To Stay Up-To-Date Online 

2) Observe discussions on Twitter

There are Twitter management tools that can help you monitor conversations about a particular topic. These include Tweetdeck, HootSuite or CoTweet. All you need do is to set up your search for the keyword you want.

3) Monitor Industry Leaders on Twitter

You can get inspiration and great ideas from leaders in a particular niche. Find out what they are discussing. The question is how can you conduct this type of search? You can make use of search directory like Twellow or WeFollow. With Twellow, you can search for keywords on Twitter profiles with the more followers.

4) Spend more time in your niche

Don’t be a Jack of all trades. You need ideas or inspiration that is specific to your niche. Follow industry leaders or people in your niche who have built a name for themselves. Read their previous and present posts till you find what you are looking for … Like Bang2write! Join the B2Wers on Facebook and get chatting, find out what’s important in your niche.

5) Keep an eye on discussions on Facebook

Find out the hottest topics people are discussing on Facebook using Kurrently.  With Kurrently, you can monitor updates made by public profiles though it is not as advanced as the search queries for Twitter. TOP TIP: include keyword phrases while searching, like “How do I” then add the keyword thereafter.

6) What is most popular in the community?

You can search social networks for hot topics to get useful ideas. On Twitter, tools like Digg can help you to find hot topics on a particular channel.

You also need to conduct more research to broaden your idea and knowledge of the topic you are writing on – otherwise you could end up with a red face! But this will inspire you, too. You can also get more ideas to add to what you’re working on by reading other people’s comments online. MORE: Top 10 Tips For Finding Writing Inspiration


BIORobert Mora is a researcher, corporate advisor, and writer.  Also, he is a marathon runner and participates in local and world competition. Robert has a passion for blogging, so he likes to share his thoughts with internet users.

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